The 2018 Gifting Event [UPDATED: DEC 19 13:40 PST]

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The Annual Gifting Event!

Gifting Events are returning to The Contest! Similar to last year, Summoners can earn points towards the Alliance Gifting Event by sending gifts to their alliance members and friends. In addition to the Alliance Gifting Event, players will also be able to participate in the Solo Gifting Event for even more rewards! During this time period, all players over Level 15 will be granted a temporary Gifting Badge to partake in either event.

Gift your Alliance Mates and friends items and special Gifting Crystals to earn points in the Gifting events, and compete with other Alliances to take your spot as one of the Top 3 Alliances in the Battlerealm and win a 5-Star Thanos (the one you all remember from Act 3, not the Infinity Nightmare version) for every member in your Alliance! Alliances 4-10 will win a 5-Star Kang.

There are some limited-time items included in your gifting options, including Gifting Crystals, Greater Gifting Crystals (which include a rare chance at Tier 2 Alpha fragments, 4 or 5-Star Kang, and even a 5-Star Thanos), and the Annual Crystal, which features only Champions from 2015 and 2018! There is also a Super-Sized Annual Crystal for those of you that are Uncollected!

Just like last year, Alliance Members must contribute a minimum amount of points per Milestone to qualify for that Milestone's rewards!

Note 1: Premium Hero Crystals will no longer be discounted by your Progression Milestone for gifting. This will be a permanent change to avoid exploitation of the gifting system.

Note 2: There is currently a known issue affecting gifting to Summoners in your Friend’s list from the “Send Gifts” option in your Message Inbox. You are still able to send to Summoners from your Alliance list from this window, and can send Gifts to friends individually from your Friends list.

These events will run from December 19th at 10 am PST, until January 2st at 10 am PST.

Don’t miss this chance to gift your friends and alliance mates this holiday season!
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