Let's talk about lag

So, ever had a time when lag has been completely over the top and you can't even see what your champ is doing? My most recent experience was with Chilled Challenges. I go to the Epic path, expecting an easy Rhino fight....but then I get a Vulture ambush.....I fight Vulture, but his basic attacks put tons of lag to the point where nothing on the screen moves for a straight 5 seconds. All my champs are knocked out thanks to this. What do I do? Use up my revives and finish him off. Then, I go to fight Rhino. I get lag! Same drill, light attacks have 100% chance to give me lag, and my team is knocked out. So, I have no revives left, not going to bother buying any at this point, so what do I do? I quit the quest. So I leave the quest, gaining nothing but the dissatisfaction of wasting revives on a laggy quest because Kabam keeps giving us more content than the game can handle. Probably wouldn't have gotten much anyway, but still, get it together, guys.


  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    Yep I enter the game in the best mood wrecking enemies then one fight I get screwed over by something that is out of my control then I begin to lose motivation as it throws me off balance time and time again until the loop repeats and my motivation is broken again and again. It is a good thing I choose when to play this game. Leaving my alliance was the best choice.
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