Maze+Chilled Challenges

Before people hop on this post complaining about the Maze, let me start by saying that what I'm about to say next is completely unrelated to how I feel about the reward/difficulty ratio of the Maze.

I like the contrast of difficulty/time investment between the Maze and the Chilled Challenges. The Maze is challenging and takes time to sit down and focus. The Chilled Challenges are quick and easy based on the difficulty of EQ you're able to do. When two special events are released at the same time, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming like there's too much to do that month(yes, I know that at any time, any of us can just choose not to do something if it feels like too much), but I feel like this strikes a good balance in that sense. Something quick and easy for some easy rewards and something more difficult for those that get bored if they're not being challenged. It's nice to have both.


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