Surprising Reunion with my former pet symbioid

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It haas been over a month since my beloved pet symbioid has left. Hs stood by my side when I struggled against Venom the Duck and Symbiote Supreme and made a mince meat of the dreaded golden symbioid. He has left the battlerealm to roam free in the world ever since the blood and symbiomancer event ended taking all the RNG luck with him. He surprisingly found happiness and has sent me an invitation to his wedding. Didnt ever think Sym had it in him to fnd someone when he eats to his hearts content. When I had a reunion with jhim he had revealed that he had left Aegon as a gift for taking care of him when he was a small fry in the battlerealm. Now he is all grown up and now has found happiness. Not to sound funny... I hope he doesnt misunderstand when his wife tells him to eat her out and he ends up eating her and rubbing his belly burping after having a good meal.vcy5kzh9j1fm.jpg
No wonder he is having one heck of an RNG luck... damn Sym I am jealous but at the same time I am proud of him. 😄



  • And also if anyone wants to use this pic as a meme feel free to do so. With so much stuff being shared on the forums I figured the place needed some relaxation so people can ease up and have a good laugh. 😂
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