Earlier today, there was an issue where Summoners that logged on shortly after the Login Calendar switched over for the day didn't receive the Cosmic Ghost Rider login crystal. We've fixed the issue for players receiving the crystal now but will have to collect data and send out the crystal to all players that didn't receive it next week. We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to making it right for you all.

Christmas myster gift.

Though I do appreciate free items no matter what this was kind of a let down.
First, Thank you for the free items.
Second, this was nothing to remain hidden. The 14 day calendar would of been better if hidden on all 14 days.
Though I do fully enjoy your game, please don't disrespect the majority of the players with hidden gifts that benefit only new accounts.
Thanks for the free stuff but with all the issues of late, I did expect a little more effort.
Thank you


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