Uncollected arena crystal vs regular arena crystal

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Just became uncollected today and want to know Which gives the better returns battlechip wise?

Uncollected arena crystal vs regular arena crystal 21 votes

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    Hmm...not sure about better. I buy the regular for the simple fact that more Crystals mean more chances. The UC Crystals are pretty much the same, just 5 times the payout. For me, 10k is alot of BCs just to come up Gold. I can pull 45 with 1 if the cards are right.
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    In the long run, the same.

    If you need to get 30 units within 30 minutes to buy a revive, the math tells us that you should get regular ones, but again in the long run, they are the same
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    Opening 10k BC's with the regular crystal will seem better simply because you have 5 chances to get units. Open 1mil BC's and you'll usually end up with a similar result with either crystal as in the long run it's all the same.

    Personal preference is the uncollected crystal though as I feel like if you do happen to get lucky and get some units I'd prefer it to be on an uncollected crystal as it's the same as getting lucky 5 times on the regular. Note: I only open uncollected arena crystals with 1+mil BC's, find it less of a disappointment than opening at every 10k and seeing gold most the time. Get 100 uncollected crystals and just smash them open in one go and be done with it until the next million.

    Easiest to just expect gold and be happy when units do fall.
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