Best 5* to Awaken by Class - Cosmic

Tell us what Cosmic champs you think are best for awakening. Rank them in order and tell if you think they are class or generic worthy.

1 - Medusa (Generic worthy)
2 - Hyperion (Generic)
3 - Phoenix (Class)
4 - Proxima (Class if you're good at keeping up combos)
5 - Hela (Class)


  • DalBotDalBot Posts: 616
    Cosmic is a class where a lot of champions are awesome with or without the dupe
  • corvus
  • zeezee57zeezee57 Posts: 1,267
    Agree 100% with your top 2 but Idk that I'd include Pheonix as I don't see her being useful enough to warrant an AG. I'd probably throw Corvus in even though sig sig isn't a necessity it can be a huge addition for AQ/AW where he can clear paths in a handful of combos. Being able to survive at the cost of a few charges should grant enough time to drop your opponent. Probably would put the Champion in there too and Carnage to finish a top 5.
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