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Who to rank up

Duke12202Duke12202 Posts: 28
edited December 2018 in Strategy and Tips
Here is how I currently use my champions. (Unless otherwise noted 4* and awakened)

Event Offense:
Archangel R5
Gwen-pool R5
Star Lord R5
Scarlet witch R5
Hulk R5

AQ Offense:
Dr. Voodoo R4 (5* unawakened)
Iceman R4 (5* unawakened)
Medusa R5

AW Offense:
Stark Spider-Man R4 (5* unawakened)
Blade R5
Ghost Rider R5

AW Defense:
Iron man IW R4
Nightcrawler R4
Magic R5
Yellow Jacket R4
Hulk R5

Who would you rank up below?

Who to rank up 4 votes

Hyperion (R3 and awakened)
KingsumFhfjghhggggjfhfjg 2 votes
Void (R3 unawakened, but have awaken gem)
ArcDeAngelusIngi_Freyr1975 2 votes
Killmonger (R1 awakened)
MODOK (R1 unawakened)
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