Emma Frost prowess bug with Phoenix synergy

Heheheh7777Heheheh7777 Posts: 113
edited December 2018 in Bugs and Known Issues
Emma Frost can hold 5 prowess charges while in diamond form but when you bring the Phoenix synergy (for every 1 prowess Emma gains 2 instead) the diamond form prowess caps at 4.

Seems insignificant but I use my Emma for Medusa was bosses and bringing the collosus synergy as well so she is pretty much in diamond form until I’m ready to combo into an sp2 and sometimes you don’t get 3 crits on a combo to build from 4 to 10 prowess and you end up firing it on 8 prowess. Each prowess adds 10% special attack damage so my sp2 will crit for 68-75k on 10 charges so it’s significant for the ramp up. Please address.


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