An old friend

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An old friend of mine decided to drop by for some tea and wanted it with less sugar and also wanted some oreos to munch on. I feel I should give my guest a proper welcome plus make him feel like he is home provided he doesn't tear everything apart.


  • Is that a reference to Summoned Symbioid or what?
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    ahhh i really miss that guy to be honest plus the unknown enemy however the golden boy here is a weaker version of what everyone faced in the octobers EQ. The only problem I had with this dude is his evades I try hitting after he launches an heavy and he dodges just before i could hit and he is debuff immune. His specials are like cyclops plus he is very quick. Now theres a starburst node attached but its a slow burn to the death thats how i lose so much health still I got him down.
  • And yes @Avengers320 part of me was hoping it was him but he turns out to be that golden annoyance. 😂
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