Additional Requirements for Season’s Greeting Gift?

Are there additional requirements for the Season’s Greeting AG gift? I’ve got two friends who would qualify for the 4* and 5* gems (one finished Act 3 and one Uncollected), but it didn’t show up in their Stash or their messages. One has the Contender title and one has the Uncollected title.

They haven’t logged on much in the past several weeks, but planned on playing more over the holidays. Any help on this?

Dr. Zola


  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 2,260
    edited December 2018
    Support claims there is a level of “inactivity” at which you won’t receive free in game gifts given to otherwise similarly situated players.

    It would be helpful to know from the game team exactly what that definition of “inactivity” is—for example, is it fewer than 10 log ins per month? More? Less? I have friends in game who are sometimes afield in areas that have poor or no reception or reception that isn’t available/appropriate for gaming.

    Does log-in frequency affect other in game opportunities (other than missing calendar and other obvious things)?

    Guidance would be appreciated.

    Dr. Zola
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