War Boosts

AW Season 7 is starting in a week. Not only is it too short a time for alliance leaders and officers to find new recruits that work for people who are leaving, but the constant push even to keep playing war is definitely getting to many. There is barely any time to regroup and get new content completed. At the same time, the important boosts for war, namely the Combat Regen, Invulnerability and Power Start boost rarely come in the store and we can only buy 2 every time they come. With 12 wars a season, this is just too less as these boosts are essential for certain nodes/champs.
I think a majority would agree if we could get these boosts either more frequently or the limit to buy would increase, allowing us to stock up on them.


  • RektorRektor Posts: 664 ★★★
    If kabam wanted us to have them, we’d have them.

    This is all intentional.

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