are these 5* worth ranking up?

scxoxoscxoxo Posts: 109
opened 3 5* crystals so far and managed to get storm twice, then an ultron. is it worthh it to r2 either of them or should i leave them until i get a better champ?
i’ve heard that storm is pretty mediocre even duped, and i’ve heard both good and bad things about ultron, so i’m hesitant as to who to rank up.

are these 5* worth ranking up? 21 votes

rank up duped storm
The_red_EclipseNerds_galoreMetalJake 3 votes
rank up ultron
mani274ZzzJyotishkaCharlie_SceneB_Dizzle_01Maldroit2FhfjghhggggjfhfjgRockypantherxMikePendragon_I_Darth_SemzKushstar420ChampSlayer 13 votes
wait for better 5*s
Spity68_fr3do_MelkerlanneroTheHoodedDormammuNamelessone 5 votes
focus on ‘god tier’ 4*s, ignore your 5*s


  • BuckeyeKPBuckeyeKP Posts: 651
    Duped she's worth r2-r3, as he is as well IMO. He's still great for AQ and was my first 440 and 550
  • Kushstar420Kushstar420 Posts: 192
    rank up ultron
    rank up ultron
    double immunity
    double regen
    has evade
    causes bleed

    can be used on awd or aq
  • MetalJakeMetalJake Posts: 82
    rank up duped storm
    AQ monster in Ultron but Storm deals more damage. I have a duped 3 star at max sig level and she does 11k damage when I crit on her Special 2. Can imagine what a duped 5 can do..
  • skullduggery72skullduggery72 Posts: 212 ★★
    Got them both at 4/55 duped, ultron great for AQ, war with immunity and regen, storm does great damage off specials, both worth ranking imo
  • scxoxoscxoxo Posts: 109
    thanks for the input guys, i’ll r2 ultron for the time being, then if i don’t get another 5* champ in 1 or 2 months i’ll r2 storm as well (i’ve noticed her crazy damage when i brought her for a test run); thanks for reminding me about ultron’s immunity, my only other immune champ is 4* nebula at r3, so i guess i’ll definitely need that.
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