first r5 4*

scxoxoscxoxo Posts: 109
i’m ftp and i find that it’s not easy for me to gather resources for ranking up, so i can only r5 1 champ and will probably be quite a while till i can r5 another.

personally im leaning towards magik as i love her powerlock and her limbo has saved me too many times, but starky’s got craaaazy damage and finishes fights so quickly. and then there’s domino who’s just amazing. void is really helpful with his debuffs and fotv. i can’t really make up my mind, magik has helped me through so much content but her damage is very small compared to starky (who everyone is telling me to rank up) and domino’s. what’s your advice?

first r5 4* 13 votes

starky for damage poise evade
OrcDovahkiinCharlie_SceneSaket_123Ajc10Darth_Semzdaveh 6 votes
domino for damage
MrLalowMaximumCrashFhfjghhggggjfhfjg 3 votes
duped magik for powerlock
Dethwraith 1 vote
duped void for fotv
XxOriginalxXshumaxgorathMello42 3 votes
proxima for long fights
hyperion for damage
duped rulk for damage
duped wasp for damage


  • SidDDragonSidDDragon Posts: 690 ★★
    Why listen to so many opinions..magik is an amazing champ and if you like playing with her then rank her up first..others can follow once u have the resources
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