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Need 4 people asap in 6+mil map 5 alliance...come on y'all :)

Hey guys we are a fun, organized and active alliance who have been transitioning/progressing rapidly over the last few months...the last few weakest members have now decided to move on because we are rocking and they are having trouble keeping up. Ideally we are looking for four people who are at least 200k or more overall rating, able to run AQ and aw simultaneously, with more of a focus on AQ and map 5 rewards. We only ask for donations to run the higher maps. Would like for the profile champs to all be at least 4500 or more PI, and we use line for all communications and notes. We need fun, active, smart and capable people who want to get rewards and find a new group of people to play with. Hit us up on line under DodgeX or Nick Caine. Our alliance name in game is Jr Champs. Or reply to me on here, whichever is easiest and quickest. Would love to fill these spots as soon as possible. Hope to hear from you soon!
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