Venom and I have a heart to heart talk.

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Venom: Hey, Z... got a minute?

Sure thing. What's up?

V: You and me... we go back a long way. I was one of your first 3*s... and... and remember when you grinded my 4* dupe in arena?

Yeah, you went for like 1.5 million.

V: Eat ####... anyway... It's about AQ.

What about it?

V: Ok, you know I love X-23.

Yeah, y'all have a lot in common.

V: Yeah... I was thinking... maybe... Just maybe it's time to take an unduped r4 off the roster.

Not gonna happen.

V: WTF? I serve her purpose and more. My bleeds are insane now. I... I... I get loads of buffs. True strike. And, I can better handle those tech Sentinels on the path.


V: This is ridiculous. You r4ed me, used a Cosmic AG on me and pumped stones into me just so I can sit the bench?

Look, Venom. I can't break up Laura, Luke and Star Lord. They've been together for over a year now. They are a well oiled machine. Plus...

V: Plus what?

You know... the video.

V: What video?

You don't get online much do you? There was a "video" of them.

V: And?

And what? Let's just say I felt embarrassed for Peter "Quill" after seeing him next to Luke. Go check MODOK's browser history. I'm sure he has it bookmarked.

V: I don't talk to bobblehead.

Suit yourself.

V: Ok, what about AWA? I know you're not going to replace ST or KM... but is Void necessary?

Void in distance: #### you, Venom.

Yes. Yes. He's necessary. I'm not breaking up the Unholy Trinity. @AxeCopFire just put me back on Path 5.

V: This is some bull####.

I'm sorry, bud. The rosters are filled. But... look... Go get dressed. We're going to do some Act 5 exploring. I need you to lead the team.

V: Ok... ok... I can handle that. Wait... Who's coming?

Ummm, you, Masacre, VP, Spidey and Bucky.

V: What's with all the r3s?

Would you rather r5 4*s?

V: The hell? Your roster is huge. Where are all your r4s and 6*s?


V: Bull####

Would you like to babysit an unduped r4 MS and unduped 6* Juggs?

V: Domino? Hype?


V: Sparky. You have Sparky. He can come.

Nope. AWD.

V: WTAF? You put Sparky on defense? The hell is wrong with you?

@AxeCopFire got mad because I kept placing my drunken rank up r3 HB.

V: Gahhhh.


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