**Temporarily Reverting Tier 1 War Ban System**
We are temporarily reverting from 5 bans back to 3. This change will take place on June 14th.
Please refer to this post for (slightly) more information.

Need active members...

The Mad Titan team has created a new relaxed alliance to focus on growth for mid tier players. The stress of Plat 3 and Gold 1 can sometimes stifle growth for some lower players. Having their best champs locked all the time makes you unable to work on elders bame and UC monthly. And often causing a rift between the top players in the group and the lower players.

We have created the solution. Our sister alliance Titan Eternals is now underway. Running map 3 and 2 to start. Being funded by leaders of our main alliance. Once yo and running at full speed will be doing 4/3. Allowing ample time to work on story progression and monthly events which yield the best reward in the game. Allowing you to grow your account and not need to use your units or glory on revives or pots we use the same discord server as our main alliance so we will be 50-60 members strong on the same chat line helping everyone progress. Imagine how nice it will be to have top tier players giving advice to middle tier players without the pressure of worrying about dying in AQ and AW. No arena grind. Use your resources how you see fit.

This new group idea slows you also to have access to move up in our team and fill in to spots at the higher alliance as needed. But at first being able to get your skills up and work on killing mini bosses and main bosses at a level you can compete with. I one gets better by going up against enemies they cannot beat.

If you want to be part of the family let me know. Looking for players who want to grow and have fun. No pressure. We also have several other programs to fund players through tough content. Helping you get uncollected. Providing resources to make it easier. And less of a grind.

Contact me on quicklikeasloth#6910 (discord) or quicklikeasloth (Line and in game)


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    JocohowJocohow Posts: 4
    I just joined the open titan eternals. Your closed group was full of high rollers and I’m a newb
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