IWIM Armour

I'm curious with IWIM Armour abilities, Corvus Glaive block will ruin all of his armour active, it doesn't stop him from gaining any more sure, but it destroys all passive buffs on him. I'm curious as to why Medusa doesn't do similar with her armour breaks? If Medusa shatters his armour, behind passive/buff shouldn't that stop any more activating?


  • His armor's are passive, not buffs. Medusa armor shattered only works against armor buffs, and not armor effects (which include passive and active armor).

    Corvus Glaive applies armor break, which interact with IW IM armor's (is in his description, saying that they will be removed if an armor break is applied on him)
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    Medusa amroer break works to just Not amoere shatter
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