Improving Miles Morales (Into the Spiderverse edition)

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Given how they changed Venom and Carnage after the Venom movie, I thought of some unique changes to Miles Morales.

Miles Morales

Sig Skill: A New Spider

As the total number of hits increases during the fight, Miles's self-confidence increases. This grants him +37 attack rating per successful light attack. Additionally, gain an additional +1% chance to evade attacks per 5 seconds on the battle timer (max 60%). Venom Blast charges and Camouflage charges regenerate themselves (up to 5, takes about 40 seconds).

Venom Blast Charges

For each Venom Blast Charge, increase the chance of triggering a venom blast on the next light attack by 1% (max of 10%) and 2% on the next received hit (max of 20%)

Venom Blast attacks shock the opponent dealing 1089 shock damage over 4 seconds.

Venom Blast attacks consume 1 Venom Blast charge.

25% chance of generating a Venom Blast charge when attacking opponents with light attacks

Camouflage charge

Camouflage charges are built every time Miles is struck in battle

Once 10 charges are reached, Miles is invisible for 2 seconds and evades all incoming attacks and is unblockable.

Once 20 charges are reached, Miles activates Invisibility for 8 seconds. This grants the opponent a 45% chance of missing their attack and boosts Miles'attack by a percentage equal to the opponent's combo meter (for 6 seconds).

Once the Invisibility timer expires, camouflage charges are not generated for the next 20 seconds.

Skill champions can hit Miles while he is invisible.

Heavy Attacks

Exchanges a random number of charges
Special 1

100% chance of placing a fatigue on the opponent reducing critical chance by 411.6
Special 2

Drain all venom blast charges and increase attack rating by 812 for each charge removed this way.

Apply a random number of shock debuffs on the opponent dealing 1400 shock damage over 7 seconds for each debuff applied.

Special 3

Convert all Camouflage and Venom Blast charges to Fury, increasing attack by 401 per fury charge. Buffs last 12 seconds.

Obviously, the numbers are a WIP sort of thing but these changes would be really cool, I think. Also a complete rework for Spidey Gwen please!
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