LF friendly, focused members to help us get to gold

88_KingKong_8888_KingKong_88 Posts: 90
edited January 12 in Alliance Recruitment
Hey guys Im wondering if any of you would be interested in joining us, we're a group of lunatics but we get the job done! Currently silver 2 but aiming high, we run maps 55333, 33333, 33322 for AQ (looking mainly for boss killer) and LINE IS A MUST! ;) donations are low: 18k gold, 2k loyalty and 4k BC weekly. 150k+ rating is preferable but 100k would do. Think your ready to be among the gifted ones? Add me on line: Kingoftheswingers AND ingame: Joker_JL

I look forward to hearing from you guys ;) thanks
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