Looking for active alliance

I'm looking for a new active alliance if anyone would be interested please invite meksve6ybsvivb.png


  • FleadiddyFleadiddy Posts: 158
    I sent you an in game friend request
  • Hey there do you use line? If so add me @ FearlessLime to talk
  • Nicoluc24Nicoluc24 Posts: 34
    Sent u in game friend request. Tier 8 war. Map 553
  • cowgirlup80cowgirlup80 Posts: 110
    If you're still looking then we'd be happy to have you join us. We run Map 2 x 5 at the moment, but will soon be moving to Maps 2-3 x 5. We run 3 AWs per week. Currently 1 BG and soon to be 2 BGs. We are re-building from a lot of internal issues last season and are starting to move up the ladder again. Message me in game or on Line
    IGN- SCcowgirl80
    LINE- cowgirlup80
  • Totty671Totty671 Posts: 40
    Sent you an invite, ign is Infufat.
    Gold 2 Alliance looking for more active members due to turnover. Last few recruits couldn’t cut it.
    AQ/AW/SA focused. We use Line as well. If you have any questions, Line ID is totty671
  • zeezee57zeezee57 Posts: 2,953 ★★★★★
    @Nath26 just sent you an in game friend request. Take a look over the ally and if you're interested let me know.
  • Samar_1092Samar_1092 Posts: 46
    Still looking?
  • Samar_1092Samar_1092 Posts: 46
    We run 5x5 aq, tier 5 wars... So if u wanna grab those nice gold 1 rewards hmu in game : Samar-1092 @Nath26
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