4m Alliance Looking for 2-3 members. Advanced bracket in AQ, Tier 9 in AW.

Hello everyone,

We are a decent team with the majority of the player base being from US, but also have some from EU. Any time zone would eventually work though. Our main focus is AQ, currently we are in Advanced bracket, but looking to jump soon in Expert. We run maps 54444. In AW we fluctuate between tiers 7-9. There are no minimums for the daily and 3 day events, but we don't tolerate inactivity, unless it is communicated in advance. Currently we run SA biweekly.

We are looking for players with experience in maps 3, 4 or 5, that communicate when needed and don't do stupid **** which hampers the team progress. We value team play and communication above roster rating in general.

If the above sounds like you then contact me in game or line, the ID is the same in both places - Sakkban.

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