Extreme Lag, Dodging Failures

This is the third time this happened and I'm really freaking pissed. Doing my first Labyrinth run and three times now while fighting Maestro, I have dodged his special 2 and my champion (Blade) did not react at all, even though it was perfectly timed, and a very clear swipe with my finger my phone totally registered. I've also had this happen while trying to dexterity Maestro's sp1, but that one almost makes sense at least because there's a tricky timing to dodge Maestro's sp1.
This is absolutely ridiculous. This is costing me units that I have to spend on additional revives and a ton of time to grind the units in arena. I've never experienced anything like this until the most recent update. I' posted my original problems in the appropriate thread, but this has to stop. I don't want to play a game in which the controls do not respond to movements and commands.


  • Bronx425Bronx425 Posts: 22
    It's pure garbage. I keep getting lag and constant connection issues. Kabam's won't fix this but will continue to release new content. Who cares about your old customers when you want new ones right?!
  • trmeccatrmecca Posts: 24
    Same here. Galaxy s9+. No reason this should be happening, I close all background apps on on gig wifi.
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    Thank you in advance!
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