Really struggling with 5.2.4 - lines in the sand

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Hey folks. Masochism is just the worst! I was able to beat 5.2.1-5.2.3 without any revives and am using 4x 4* 5/50s (Domino, Gulk, Hyperion, Void - all duped except domino) and my 3/45 crossbones (unduped). I’m taking the left path (Yellowjacket, deadpool etc) and can only make it as far as iron man. Any tips on the quest or on masochism itself? That the timer for it is 7 seconds refresh just seems so short too. I’m really really struggling.


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    Can you show your roster?
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    Sure, thanks. Here: miispplt0yob.png

    I find Corvus can’t do enough work with their health pools so high
  • I used awakened AA and did mostly of the path with him. As blood asked a screenshot of your roster will help understand what are your options
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    Do you have sabertooth? I remember him being really good for that chapter all apart from the bleed path at the top which I had to revive my way though.
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    I don’t have either sabretooth or archangel I’m afraid :/@Savio444 @Balthazaar73
  • If you have skill you can use your spidey. Get 8-10 poise charges and just dont mind the regen. Parry to trigger it then hit like a truck
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    @Balthazaar73 haven’t thought about using sparky as he’s 4/40 andsince my others are way stronger, but should give it a try... Have been lacking a lot of tech t4cc recently to take him to r5
  • I struggled too on this chapter as i was paying too much attention to the regen. You either use a champ like AA who completely denies it with neurotoxin or use heavy hitters or heavy DoT. Spidey takes skill and good reflexes. You have Hype too. Just heavy till you get to 7-8 furies then sp2 and watch them die quickly. X23 should work too if you have deep wounds unlocked
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    Hm. Yeah I was hoping you had Sabretooth because I'm assuming it's the inconsistent parrying that's messing you up?
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    Crossbones was a huge help for me on this chapter. Just gotta be super aggressive with him.
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    Hfchang wrote: »
    Sure, thanks. Here: miispplt0yob.png

    I find Corvus can’t do enough work with their health pools so high

    this may not be as helpful but I ran my x23 ragged thru this. Granted she's 4/55 and i have 2 points in deep wounds but the big key was 1) nonstop bleeds and 2) lotsa regen. Don't know if 5/50 will be as effective but worth a look since you're not running any other regen champs.

    Also, dupe that cap IW.
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    I did the same with my Gwenpool. stack bleeds, play aggressive and try to build up that combo to reduce ability accuracy. However, she didn't hold a candle to AA. I was in the process of going uncollected when he came back to the 4* basic arena. I spent all my time just to get him both rounds and once I duped him, put 30 sig stones in him and took him to 3/30. He was MVP for sure. Out of those champs, Hyperion can do enough damage to counter that regen. Hulk can heal block if you trigger masochism before using his L1 so it doesn't shrug off. Corvus can, you just have to play him a certain way. Domino should be able to ramp up there. Guillotine would be great. Then every time masochism triggers they'd lose it instead.
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    I’m sure you could do it with Ghost. Can’t test it myself because...ha
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    Look buddy. i understand ur getting wreck by those Mechocesim nodes, You have good champs.. Hyperion / Domino / Void they all will work for u.. the main thing u need to do is try more n more interceptions.

    My best tip for you is: Just go in and try to beat 1st opponent and dont get hit.. at the end of the fight if u have less then 90% health just dont continue quit and try again.. in this way u can gain some experience how to wreck these mechocism nodes...

    Peace ... n Good Luck
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    Sorry to say, CG sucks in act 5.2 onwards. For masochism, all you need is high raw damage champs to outdamage their healings.
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    Drop Void from that roster. He's awful for masochism.

    You want to either have someone that has AAR, inflicts a lot of bleeds or inflicts a lot of debuffs... Void is excluded because he depends on his debuffs.

    LC is good for it because his exhaustion triggers it which makes it usually on cooldown for parries... Same goes for Sparky with taunt.

    Masacre would work well because you would actually want the opponent to block you.
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    It really doesn't depend on your champions, if you learn how to intercept playing against masochism gets much simpler. You have some great champions, just get into ROL and watch videos from Dork lessons about back drafts and stuff like that
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    Proxima also helps for Masochism. She has in-built mechanic that reduces opponents ability accuracy by 200% when blocking so she can bypass masochism
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    Thanks to all who took the time to read and comment.

    @ẞlооd - one of the reasons is my parry. I'm usually pretty good with my parries, I can get them stunned (triggering maso) and deal a decent portion of damage, but their regen and block pen damage catches me over time. One mistake and it seems a 5 hit combo or special will take me down. The debuffs I need to do substantial damage end up being nullifed and healed. Can't seem to time things within that 7 second window.

    @GluteusMaximus apart from domino, I don't have many with high bleed damage, that's if her bleed isn't nullified by masochism lol... I really want an AA, but I have a 3* one at most, and he definitely isnt enough to beat this. When I can dupe my CAIW, I will :s

    @crgoodw1n - thanks for your tips. I can get decent ramp up with hype and domino, but usually in taking a bit of damage against each foe, which, over time, sinks me after about 5 champions. This map is longer than the previous ones, a real step up from 5.2.3

    @XxOriginalxX I am hoping to learn how to use Ghost better, only just got her from Arena. She could be an option for the caltrops path.

    @Metal8989 True true true. My intercept game needs improvement. Occasionally I get a perfect round with someone like domino and take barely any damage, its very satisfying. But it needs big improvement. Sounds obvious: to not get hit, but thats what it takes at this level, one mistake and its done for.

    @Hamin one time I used Void and timed things perfectly, parried before his intimidating presence debuffs landed and it was beautiful. That only happened once lol. You're right, he's too risky for this matchup.

    @Sungj you're right, and unfortunately, I just gotta git gud on intercepts, and that's gonna take a while. Sighhhh

    @Mike12867 I don't like Proxima for some reason, I have her as a 4* without levels, duped. Maybe I don't understand her enough. What's the mechanic?
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    @Hfchang nothing special, whenever she blocks she reduces opponents abil acc by 200% so parry is blocking too....simple as that. I dont know her rotation but i know she is good once u know how to play her
    My first time I did it using Gwenpool and Scarlet Witch most of the fights. She places so many debuffs that masochism can't keep up. This is one tactic you could use, but you have to fight agressively.

    Also, like others said, if you are good on intercepting, that's the way to go. In my case, I am bad at intercepting so I just held block and bait heavies on the other times. Of course, block damage is painful.

    In my opinion, 5.2.4. is where act 5.2 steps up a gear or two. Unless you are very skilled I don't think you will do it without using units.
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    Mike12867 wrote: »
    @Hfchang nothing special, whenever she blocks she reduces opponents abil acc by 200% so parry is blocking too....simple as that. I dont know her rotation but i know she is good once u know how to play her

    @Mike12867 I looked into it, and wow, I gotta level my Proxima! I found this video

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    I've used ghost with full synergy, did pretty well, only have to revive myself twice because of stupid mistakes
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    I used yondu as he heal blocks every time you spam sp1.
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    @HSB unfortunately I don't have her at all :/ sounds like I'm really missing out
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    Domino can ignore Massachism all together most of the time. And she ca outdamage the opponent as well.
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