Next rank 4 5*

DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 392 ★★
Hello everyone,

I am debating who my next rank 4 5 * will become.
I have Ghost and Blade at rank 3. Both unduped.
I was planning on Ghost, but then I pulled blade.
Some extra info:
I have Stark Spidey and Ghostrider as maxed 4 stars, both duped.
I have Wasp and Antman (no hood), both duped, but only 3/30 4*.
I already have the materials for Ghost, and only have 1 skill t4 for Blade, so choosing him will take some extra patience.
I know ghost can be a beast, but seeing Blade killing almost any EQ boss the last couple of rounds makes me wonder who will be the better choice for me.
(still pretty new to playing both champs, I do really like playing with ghostrider and sparky)

Also my other rank 4's are RULK and Venom (I use RULK with a domino and massacre synergie team)

(PS: How do I add a Poll)


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