Yet another rankup question

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I am still new to the game and still building my roster. I have some 4* champions that I need to decide who would be better to take to R5

Red Hulk

Or I have a 5* Loki I could take to R3

I know these are below the levels that most of you guys play at but you got to start somewhere.
I have completed Act 4 and looking to do ROL before starting Act 5
Other 4* champs that I have maxed at 5/50 are
5* R4 IMIW

Thanks for any and all advice


  • Midnite93Midnite93 Posts: 819
    All 5 are worth rank 5 question is which one will benefit i say since you have domino i say rank up red hulk and masacre. Iceman for double immunity and Wolvie if duped for regen.
  • zeezee57zeezee57 Posts: 1,317
    He's not going to be much help in ROL but for act 5 Iceman being triple immune and preventing passive evades with his coldsnap will be a good addition. You could get by on immunities with Hype/Gulk covering poison and Corvus' limited bleed immunity but having both (plus incinerate immune) all in one package makes things like biohazard a bit easier to play around.

    Rulk/Masacre fit nicely with Domino if you favor her over your other champs but consider your current 5/50 lineup I'd be a bit surprised if you'd want to fill 3 slots running that trinity. Not that they're not really good champs in their own right but I can't see either being more effective in act 5 then AA, Hype, Iceman and IWIM (being that he's a 4/55).
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