5* Mystic Awakening Gem

I have about 80 stones I can put into a Mystic champ and a 5* Mystic awakening gem. Who should I use it on?

I’m leaning towards Magik but I do have a max sig 4* Magik about to be r5 as well as a r4 duped Dr Voodoo.

Thanks for your help 😁

5* Mystic Awakening Gem 16 votes

John757CoachDitkaSaket_123ReppinCALI 4 votes
Doctor Voodoo
OneManArmyBuckeyeKPaxelelf_1simolaz10or_StrongZombieZeddFhfjghhggggjfhfjgDrPepper_75wingedWarrior2099InfineightDanielYorkzidane21 12 votes


  • FhfjghhggggjfhfjgFhfjghhggggjfhfjg Posts: 4,493 ★★★★★
    Doctor Voodoo
    Voodoo no question
  • Doctor Voodoo
    Dr. Voodoo, Magik's awakening ability is significantly useful only in AW defense. Dr. Voodoo unawakened is basically like Star-Lord unawakened in terms of night-and-day difference
  • BuckeyeKPBuckeyeKP Posts: 690
    Doctor Voodoo
    Voodoo. used mine on him and took him r4. Leave the 4* where there are for now and roll with the good doctor for a while. He's got power control plus a lot more
  • TechonefortyTechoneforty Posts: 46
    Awesome, thanks for the tip. I went ahead and awakened Voodoo and put about 80 stones in him.
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