Let's talk about Health Potions

I want to talk about health potions here. Simple reason - just like many things in this game, potions are far from being properly updated for actual game we are playing here now. I did a little math. Now for a sake of discussion being constructive, I know my math is not 100% accurate, that there are many variables and other things to take into account here, but I can honestly say I did my best for this down there to be accurate enough to be relevant.

Okay so: there have been some major milestones in this game history and one of the most important ones we recently got was introducing 6* champs into the Contest, I guess we all can agree on that. 6 star champs are now 1 year old, they have become common part of all content and more and more players are starting to use them less or more regulary. It is also common that even average free-to-play players got their hands on Rank5 5 star champs now, at least one of them.
The game content is reflecting that fact - we got a lot of very difficult events lately (Variant, Maze, Uncollected ME...), in other words the content that REQUIRES champions on certain level.
If we go back like year and half, for the most major content that could give us an edge (mostly Story quest Act 5, ME etc.) we relied mostly on Rank 4 4star champions, that was the main force for most of the average player base I dare to say. R5 4 stars was still quite rare. But now - I know this can be a bit questionable, but anyway - for most of the major content, R4 5star champs took over. You can hardly do without solid pool of R4 5 star champs. With Act 5 done, there is really very little room for 4* champs anymore (some r5 4 stars are of course still useful). With greater level of all champs, there of course comes much greater health pool of each of them.


Health potions haven't changed, not accordingly, not even close.

Let's see a little table I made below.
(I counted average health amounts from my own champs, I have 5 6* champs and I have only one R5 5* so far so I mentioned there specifically my r55starDomino to be accurate)


I based following claim on assumption that we moved from R4 4 star champs as main moving force of the game to R4 5 star champs in last 18 months (rounded).

With that said, we can see that cost of fully healed champion (using cheapest way possible and using only units) increased by 43% - meaning you will spend almost 40 units more for healing r4 5* champ than r4 4*champ once. With 6 star champs added to the game, its by 64% approximately. And I can give numbers only for one r5 5* (Domino), but for her its almost double(95%)!

I think my point is pretty obvious.
More advanced champions are added into game. It is of course Kabam's intention for people to desire those champs, to want to rank them up, put recources into them and use them for proportionally more advanced challenges they are currently adding to the Contest.
But Kabam, we need you to provide adequate resources for adequate price for us to do that. It is one thing to be forced some time to spend extra resources for this game (for some it may take money, for others grinding arenas), but it is entirely other thing to create content that continuously requires exponentially more resources to be even playable.

I also have to mention the fact that you, Kabam, created something called Uncollected free crystals-only source of health potions other than Store, for the purpose to adjust rewards accordingly for advanced players, yet you are offering level 2 HP in them which is painfully outdated offer to be honest. Uncollected players laught on L2 HP, what were you thinking really?

I think re-doing of HP policy is now one of TOP 3 priorities of this game to be playable in future. There is many solutions I can think of(adding new levels of potions and repricing the old ones / making potions healing % of health like Revive potions etc.), I'm sure you guys yourselves have many ideas too, but the goal here is clear - you need to adjust HP for new champions. Current state is untenable. You can't infinitely increase requirements and expect everyone to increase their expenses for this game (time/money) just as infinitely.

I'm very interested to see if there is some action on your side, Kabam, I will also gladly contribute to any discussion about this matter. Just reflect this issue, please.

Thank you


  • Very valid point
  • ManChildManChild Posts: 576
    I’ve raised this issue before but definitely not with the points and effort. I wish this was a topic that would catch on.
  • ON12355ON12355 Posts: 117
    ManChild wrote: »
    I’ve raised this issue before but definitely not with the points and effort. I wish this was a topic that would catch on.

    Ÿeah I'd wish that too but they've already put it in "Let's not talk about it" category so... There we go...
  • ON12355ON12355 Posts: 117
    I only wonder why there isn't a single reaction from Kabam. When someone brings up any kind of rant, you are right there within seconds to put him down (especially when the person is actually right). But when something very relevant is to be discussed...nothing. Total and utter ignore and silence. On the top of that, you throw it to trash category to avoid any attention it may bring.
    You really want to tell me there is nothing to say from your side about this, @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit, whoever? Anything... Like "We are thinking about it" / "No, we are currently not focused to this at all" .... Anything at all? Why is there this suggestion box then?
  • Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 874
    I agree with you. I'm glad we can convert low-level health potions into higher ones. That really helps a lot. I think it is just best they release a new potion that heals like 12k.
  • ON12355ON12355 Posts: 117
    So when is it okay to post exact same topic since there is no reaction whatsoever from Kabam? I've read the rules for forum, I'm not gonna spamming it here but I really don't think it's okay to ignore this topic as it is relevant and I really hope for reaction so how often can I bring this up not to break any of your vague rules?
    Or you at least have a balls to say "Hey, stop trying we are ignoring this on purpose?"? If thats the case, please, do so, I will take it actually...It's far better than what we get from you most of the time honestly...Which is literally nothing...
  • ON12355ON12355 Posts: 117
    @Kabam Porthos how about some reaction then? :wink: You wanna tell me you can link my topic back 2 months and close it despite there was live discussion but you can't take 5 minutes to answer the goddamn question? Are we all joke to you? Why don't you close this one so we can continue where it actually is discussed? Or maybe you don't want it to be discussed? You guys won't stop amaze me...
  • MadTitanMadTitan Posts: 19
    I was just about to post the similar thing but I see there is already this analysis....What I can't get is why this was not addressed by ANY of the mods? I mean...you are all about constructive posts... This is the most constructive post I've seen here this week, it's as constructive as you can hope for...nothing to say here, really?
  • Fredhorst23Fredhorst23 Posts: 421
    I think this is a very important idea. I'm sharing the link in line and I recommend anyone else do the same. Maybe if we can get to some views you'll get some attention.
  • TheDuke899TheDuke899 Posts: 67
    Yeah with Cavalier the potency of each serum tier should be increased now for 5* r5 they are nearly useless because u need your whole inventory to heal up just once... Pretty useless
  • TheDuke899TheDuke899 Posts: 67
    @ON12355 thx for bringing it up and I totally agree that it sucks that there won't be an answer... Instead I see Mods commenting on absolutely useless brag posts... Makes it impossible to accept when good ideas like this are ignored
  • diegobdias84diegobdias84 Posts: 62
    Didn't understand why he's got banned
  • MadTitanMadTitan Posts: 19
    Well I'm having that classic Kabam "ignored on purpose" vibe for this thread. You guys really have nothing to say? I've seen responses to all kinds of corny topics but this you chose to silently ignore? If this matter is not relevant right now, the least you can do is to say "Hey, we are not interested in this right now, don't expect any changes in near future." At least we would know how things are...It seems like obvious and the easiest thing to do since you have this "Suggestions" category here...What's the purpose of it if not exactly this? And what good are the mods for then? You are here just to keep it clean and tidy or do some actual work with community too? It's sad I even have to ask that question...
  • TyrannusTyrannus Posts: 153
    That’s why it’s not free to play all these should be available via quests not just by buying even those lvl 1-2 health have nearly disappeared lvl 2 revives are nonexistent even the lvl 1 which are pointless
  • KnightNvrEndingKnightNvrEnding Posts: 152
    Well I’ll take this thread as being a big fu from Kabam about upgrading severely outdated potions😂
  • NikhilNikhil Posts: 62
    Why he got banned ? I'm confused.
  • KnightNvrEndingKnightNvrEnding Posts: 152
    Probably got banned because he was making too many valid points, Kabam isn’t a fan of logic you know😂
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 17,617
    They don't ban people for logic or criticism. They ban people for breaking the rules.
  • KnightNvrEndingKnightNvrEnding Posts: 152

    They don't ban people for logic or criticism. They ban people for breaking the rules.

    Well...there was an obvious joke you obviously missed lol

  • Fredhorst23Fredhorst23 Posts: 421
    Sometimes logic and criticism are against the rules.
  • KnightNvrEndingKnightNvrEnding Posts: 152
    Well “non constructive” criticism yes lol which they can define any way they feel like it really lol😂 I’ve been warned for a fair criticism once(what I considered fair at least lol)
  • ON12355ON12355 Posts: 117
    Thanks guys :smiley: Well, I admit stating the obvious things out loud isn't always exactly constructive, but I still don't understand how it's ban-worthy... If truth about you is offensive for you, maybe you should make sure it is not true in the first place...

    Anyway, I wish this thread would catch some attention, it is still very relevant, even more than when I posted it since they banned anything less than 5* from Act 6 now...I mean, how are we supposed to heal our champions when there are only restrictions for Act6 but no Act6-level resources available? Kabam, please...
  • TheDuke899TheDuke899 Posts: 67

    Maybe since we have been warned or banned by the mods they have us somehow on ignore and don't see our posts no mather how constructive they are 🤣

    (that's a test now if I get another waring soon because "conspiracy" I'm wrong with my idea) 😂
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