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New active alliance looking for reinforcements!

LoPrestiLoPresti Posts: 1,035 ★★★
About us

1. Frequent players, who don't take the game too seriously. We play in a relaxed environment, but not too relaxed! We want to level up and collect champs, all the while getting better at the game.
2. AQ3 and AW - mandatory play (join without being told to join)
3. No Donations required
4. Arena play is encouraged, but not mandatory
5. Relaxed Fun Chill group of Veterans who are skilled and can fight well
6. We will kick out inactive players and non-contributing players without warning. Don't have time to babysit, sorry
7. We understand if personal things come in the way (like holiday), but please mention it in the alliance chat.
8. No Line required

About you

1. No minimum rating requirement, but you need to be able to hold your own in AQ/AW.
2. Must Be Active in AQ and AW
3. Responsible Self Motivated player who doesn't have to be told to move in AQ and handles their business
4. You are not a leech (ie someone who avoids AQ, does bare minimum and expects to collect rewards)
5. Someone who actively ranks up their players and gets better
6. Good Team Player - they will help stronger players move in AQ through using their energy to help them move on the map (even if you are defeated)

If you'd like to take part in frequent wars and AQs without feeling pressure to compete above your level of play, then my in-game name is "Lo-Presti", send me a message and I'll invite you!
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