We are recruiting 12.5Mil alliance looking for specialist for AQ / War or Both. Only 3 events.

Sonnyt4jr here -

We are a 12.5Mil Gold Alliance & have a couple of spaces that have been vacated, anyone willing to join a Great Alliance, Fantastic group of guys that work together for AQ (5/4/3) , SA , & War 3X a week.

We don’t pressure members into grinding or spending. Just 3 events that benefit you & the alliance, So join us if you want the same thing or have been looking for a great alliance.

We only ask that you participate in AQ with minimal donations, SA , & War. & that you have GroupMe app for better AQ & War communication.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

So Come Join Us , Have fun , & Grow. 👍🏻 Hit us up in the game (€APTN) look for me in the game.

Search me in game & add me as a froend or Apply to the alliance, we will consider the application as it comes, So Come Join Us.
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