Awaken 5* Medusa (Generic Gem)

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Should I awaken my Rank 4 Medusa using 5* Generic Awakening gem.
I'm not planning to Rank 5 her at the moment.

My other champs are: 5* R5 Blade, 5* R4 Medusa, R4 LC, R4 DOMINO, R4 Ghost Rider, 6* Nebula, 6* LC.

Awaken 5* Medusa (Generic Gem) 13 votes

SpeedbumpsimolazTechonefortyXxLoganTDCxXWabobaFhfjghhggggjfhfjgTiger360MaatManFargoMonkeyBryliantu93 10 votes
Wait for a better champ (She doesn't deserve Generic AG)
RagamugginGunnerOneManArmyChampioncritic 3 votes
Awaken GR (my only other option)


  • TonyStarkTonyStark Posts: 348
    Please VOTE!
  • TonyStarkTonyStark Posts: 348

    Please VOTE
  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 2,083 ★★★
    Wait for a better champ (She doesn't deserve Generic AG)
    If medusa is on your offense team, she doesnt really need the dupe for you to use her effectively. Don't get me wrong, she will definitely be alot stronger with her furies, but if you can afford to wait and don't need her duped right now, maybe you can wait for her dupe or else a class awakening gem.
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