Gold 3 alliance LF 9-10 player merge

Hey all,

[.musa] DHOOM 2 is currently in Gold 3, Tier13 and we’re looking to replace one of our BG groups with a possible 9-10 player merger. We have the capability to climb up in the higher tiers but have been plagued with people coming and going or not pulling their own weight. We also do AQ 3x5 but looking to push into map 4 as soon as possible (we have a few guys with map4/5 experience but the majority do not). We always get at least 320k for SA and gain decent rewards from the other alliance events.

All we ask is the team you bring into our alliance be able to carry their own weight and be able to communicate well with us through LINE.

You can contact me on the LINE app @techoneforty or add me ingame with the same tag.



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