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Bishop - tone down his class disadvantage

Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,868 ★★★★

I started a post in general to get an idea of how people feel about Bishop's class disadvantage. The thread is here:

The short version is Bishop's unique disadvantage against Tech champs, i.e. unable to gain prowess, both renders the champion unable to access the core of his kit and is inconsistent with other Champions who have unique class disadvantages like Domino or Sentinel. Domino and Sentinel have their abilities reduced in a disadvantaged fight, but their abilities aren't wholly eliminated like Bishop's are. Details can be found in the thread.

The suggestion is to tone down Bishop's class disadvantage. Instead of eliminating his ability to gain prowess against tech champs, reduce prowess charges from 3 to 1 on well timed blocks and allow him to retain his "triple prowess gain" when parrying energy attacks.

Currently, if Bishop has no advantage/disadvantage, he gains 3 prowess on well-timed blocks from physical attacks and 9 prowess on well-timed blocks on energy attacks. These numbers are doubled if he's going against a skill champion.

I propose that against tech champions, he should gain 1 prowess on well-timed blocks from physical attacks and 3 prowess on well timed blocks from energy attacks.

This change would still leave him at a significant disadvantage vs. what he can normally do, but it wouldn't render his kit completely useless. No other champion in the game is rendered so helpless by a class disadvantage. Please consider this change.


  • Darkness275Darkness275 Posts: 326 ★★
    It honestly makes no sense to neuter Bishop so much against tech champions. I understand that MCOC wants class advantage to pretty much **** everything else. It's why Sentinels, with no mind, were (still are?) affected by Emma Frost's telepathy. But seriously? Wanting class advantage/disadvantage to **** everything can seriously break the very fundamentals of a character/matchup. Emma Frost telepathy working against Sentinels is just a perfect example of this AND it works as an amazing counter for this very discussion.

    Bishop's mutant power revolves around him absorbing, storing and redirecting energy. Due to this he's IMMENSELY powerful against Sentinels and other energy based tech enemies in the comics/cartoons. However, Kabam has decided to neuter him against Tech champions in the game, energy based or not, because of his class disadvantage. So, apparently his mutant power just completely stops working.

    HOWEVER - in earlier threads when people brought up the whole Emma vs Robots discussion, Kabam had a completely different stance.

    So... apparently Emma's mutant powers were okay to work against tech champions, because their class advantage was enough. However their class advantage isn't enough over Bishop, so his mutant power is effectively neutered, despite the fact that he, as a character, was actually introduced to be a key figure in a storyline revolving around the fight against sentinels.

    Way to go.
  • Savio444Savio444 Posts: 1,781 ★★★★
  • Darkness275Darkness275 Posts: 326 ★★
    So this is the second time I'm posting this, let's see if this one is instantly removed/deleted too.

    A very similar conversation came up regarding Emma Frost and her telepathy/mutant powers working against Robots, when it obviously shouldn't.

    The official stance was that her powers of telepathy to invert controls were decided to work because tech already had class advantage and that was enough.

    Bishop however, does not get similar treatment. He's completely neutered by this class disadvantage and as such his mutant power: the ability to absorb/store/redirect energy, is completely useless against Sentinels.

    Emma Frost, whose mutant power shouldn't affaect a sentinel at all, because they have no mind, could take-over their non-existent mind - because 'class advantage is enough'. However Bishop, who was introduced as a character to be a key figure in a storyline revolving around fighting sentinels. Whose entire mutant power is based on energy, has his mutant power made effectively useless.

    Way to Go.
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