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Qestion about Doc voodoo sig ability

Welderofortune2Welderofortune2 Posts: 139
edited February 2019 in Strategy and Tips

Okay so I was glancing over his sig ability and noticed something odd.

Know you notice when his combo is even he gains 100% ability accuracy. So I would like clarification on why I do not get a loa every other hit? as you can see from the below pic,

Now to my mind having a 100% ability trigger every time my combo is even means that my next strike would have a 100% chance to place a loa not just the flat 10%. It is possible I am misinterpreting it, the only reason I ask is the last AW I was in it seemed like he never stacked more then like 2 or so loas every 10 or so hits, which after thinking about it made no sense to me. Now I realize that this would make him an even more overpowered then he is already so a quick fix could be rolled out in this way. just make his chance to apply loas not able to be adjusted by ability accuracy modifiers. Anyway looking forward to an answer, I am debating taking him up to rank 5 and would like clarification before doing so.


  • Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 3,029 ★★★★★
    What they mean by +100% AA is not additive. So instead of 110% chance to place a loa, it is 20% chance. Same thing with BW's Subletly. -70% AA doesn't mean going negative, but a loa would only have a 3% chance. Its not your fault, the wording isn't always clear.
  • Ah well then that matches what I observed, is there a post where they describe what is meant by AAR and AA? It would be helpful to avoid confusion.
  • Sig says 100% “increased” ability accuracy, not 100% accuracy. So 100% greater than before means “doubled”. At least this one looks like it is described pretty well, there are some others where the wording truly begs one to wonder.
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