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    QUAKE - Originally Posted 09-28-2016

    Quake enters The Contest September 29th at 10AM PDT!

    About Quake:

    When she was a teenager, Daisy Johnson, alias Quake, had her earth-shaking powers accidentally awakened as a result of her mother’s Inhuman lineage. Her devastating powers caught the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Nick Fury took her under his wing to train and mentor her. Her ability to target seismic waves with pinpoint accuracy makes her one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most skilled and powerful agents.

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 14596
    Attack: 1306
    Max PI:
    Without Signature: 3568
    Signature Level 99: 4488
    While Heavy Attack Charging:

    Quake generates powerful waves of vibrations that causes an Earthquake, dealing 8.7% of your Attack as physical damage per second.
    While Quake is generating an Earthquake through this attack, the Aftershock Scale goes up by 1 every 1 second.
    Inflicts Concussion, reducing the opponent’s Ability Accuracy by 57.5%

    An Aftershock hits 10 seconds after an Earthquake. For every point in the Scale, Aftershock deals 33% Attack as physical damage.
    10% chance to Stun the opponent for 1.5 seconds.
    Stun Duration and Accuracy goes up by 8% for every point in the Aftershock Scale.
    Inflicts Concussion, reducing the opponent’s Ability Accuracy by 57.5% for 5 seconds when the Aftershock Scale is higher than 4 points.

    Evades all Basic Attacks against opponents with a Concussion.
    Special 1: Compression Wave – Quake quickly compresses the ground, launching a wave of earth towards the opponent.

    Adds 2 points to the Aftershock Scale.
    Special 2: Propulsion Pulse – Quake targets the ground with her vibrations to launch herself into the air and land a powerful punch.

    Adds 3 points to the Aftershock Scale.
    100% chance to inflict Concussion, reducing the opponent’s Ability Accuracy by 57.5% for 5 seconds.
    Special 3: Epicenter – Quake generates a powerful earthquake, opening the ground and trapping the opponent before she deals her final vibration pulse attack.

    Adds 6 points to the Aftershock Scale.
    Signature Ability – Ricochet Pulse: Quake blocks an additional 30.1% damage and redirects it back to the opponent as a pulse of Physical Damage.

    Synergy Bonuses

    Enemies (Critical Rate): Iron Patriot or Crossbones
    S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents (Ability Accuracy): Hawkeye
    S.H.I.E.L.D. Clearance Lv. 10 (Ability Potency): Black Widow (Effects Black Widow and Quake only)
    Rivals (Critical Damage): Karnak or Blackbolt
    Recommended Masteries

    Petrify, Stupefy & Pacify: Quake’s Aftershock ability Stuns opponents. Plus, reducing the opponent’s ability triggers with masteries, synergizes really well with her Concussion effect.
    Courage, Glass Cannon & Greater Strength: All of Quake’s Aftershock and Earthquake effects are powerful and based on her attack rating. Therefore, increasing this attribute will give a greater advantage in fights. If you are skilled enough, Glass Cannon will also be effective because if the opponent is under the Concussion effect, their basic attacks are going to be Evaded.

    Power Gain Nodes – Skilled players are going to be able to take advantage of her Heavy Attack custom charging effect. She can charge her Heavy Attacks for as long as she wants and while charging, the opponent’s first Basic Attack are going to be Evaded because of the Concussion. This is great against Power nodes in AvA!
    Good Match-Ups: Ultron, Iron Man – Her Concussion effect has a pretty good chance to stop abilities from activating. If those two Champions are about to Regenerate, Special 2 will give them a Concussion!

    Poor Match-Ups: Black Widow, Elektra, Falcon – All those Champions can bypass her Evade ability while the Concussion effect is active.
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    PHOENIX - Originally Posted 10-12-2016

    Phoenix enters The Contest October 13th at 10AM PDT!

    About Phoenix:

    Though Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force have long been separated, their bond is unique. More than a mere host, Jean is a part of the Phoenix, as the Phoenix is a part of her. When Jean was brought to the Battlerealm and exposed to ISO-8, the highly mutagenic properties of ISO-8 reopened Jean’s latent connection the universal force of life, and the Phoenix was reborn again, this time into The Contest of Champions!

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 13,075
    Attack: 1,047
    Max PI:
    Without Signature: 3247
    With Signature (99): 4515
    Phoenix Force – Passive: The Phoenix’s connection to the cosmic Phoenix Force entity is the source of much of her power.

    She begins the fight with 1 Phoenix Force charge, and periodically generates Fury Buffs based on her current number of Phoenix Force charges.
    The more Phoenix Force charges the Phoenix has, the faster she generates Fury Buffs.
    Fury Buffs increase attacks by 9.5%.
    Empower – 5 or more Fury Buffs – Passive:

    All attacks gain a 100% chance to Incinerate the opponent
    Heavy Attacks gain a 100% chance to Armor Break, reducing Armor by 30% for 7 seconds.
    Overload – 11 Fury Buffs – Passive

    On entering Overload, all Phoenix Force charges are immediately consumed and the Phoenix begins consuming Fury buffs periodically.
    All attacks have a 20% chance to Stun Incinerated targets for 1 second.
    Offensive and Defensive Power Gain is reduced by 80%
    The Phoenix remains Overloaded until she has consumed all her Fury Buffs.
    Heavy Attacks – Passive:

    100% Chance to gain 1 Phoenix Force charge.
    Special 1: Telekinetic Blast – The Phoenix Force is released in a wave of telekinesis, amidst a rush of power!

    Gain 10% Power for each Phoenix Force charge, consuming all but 1 of them.
    Consumes up to 1 Fury Buff, increasing Special Damage by 10% per Fury consumed.
    Special 2: Cosmic Firestorm – Cosmic fire, funnelled by raw Telekinetic power, into a deadly firestorm.

    Gain 3 additional stacks of Phoenix Force.
    Consumes up to 4 Fury Buffs, increasing Special Damage by 10% per Fury consumed.
    Special 3: True Avatar Phoenix – The power of the Phoenix Force unleashed!

    This attack consumes all of the Phoenix’s Fury Buffs, granting up to a 242% damage bonus, based on the number of Fury Buffs consumed.
    Signature Ability – Right of the Phoenix: Once per fight when the Phoenix would be knocked out, she immediately becomes invulnerable for 2 seconds, and consumes all of her Phoenix Force charges, regaining (4.2%-10%) health per Phoenix Force consumed. After the 2 seconds she generates 1 Phoenix Force charge.

    Synergy Bonuses

    It’s Complicated (+3% Armor and + 3% Power Gain): Cyclops (Blue Team) or Wolverine
    Friends (+6% Armor): Storm
    Teammates (+5% Perfect Block Chance): Beast, Nightcrawler or Gamora
    Teammates (+5% Perfect Block Chance)
    Recommended Masteries

    Enhanced Fury
    The Phoenix Force passive ability allows the Phoenix to create lots of fury buffs. Increasing the effect of each of these can have a large impact on her damage potential.
    Similar to Enhanced Fury, increasing Phoenix’s attack translates to a large damage increase, and her Signature Ability makes playing around at low HP values a little less dangerous.
    When playing for sustained damaged, the Phoenix can keep herself in the Empowered zone for quite a while, gaining a guaranteed incinerate on hit. These stack up fast, and can make a difference for the Phoenix who lacks powerful defensive tools beyond her Signature Ability.

    Strong Matchups

    Iron Man, Iron Patriot, Superior Iron Man
    In addition to Class Advantage (against most of them) Phoenix can Armor Break to counter their Armor Ups, and her massive burst damage allows her to blow right through their Overload Regens.
    Captain America, Captain America (WW2)
    Captain America lacks any way to disrupt Phoenix’s core Fury loop, allowing Phoenix to stay Empowered for longer. This allows Phoenix to keep him Incinerated lowering his Block Proficiency and removing Perfect Block.
    Weak Matchups

    Before gaining his Signature Ability, Edict, Ronan’s ability to convert Fury to Weakness helps him a little against Phoenix. However once his Edict ability kicks in, Phoenix will have to be very careful as she will almost always have many stacks of Fury to trigger the full damage and stun duration bonus.
    Doctor Strange
    Few Champions have the ability to interfere with Phoenix’s core Fury building loop like Doctor Strange. Nullify, Counterspell, Fate Seal all have the ability to throw Phoenix’s timing out, leaving her struggling to do damage!
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    Rogue - Originally Posted 09-14-2016

    Rogue’s ability to absorb the life energy and psyche of others through touch emerged in a traumatizing accident when she was a young girl, where she left the victim in a coma. Though she originally viewed her mutant powers as a curse, she mastered control of them under the tutelage of the X-Men and would become one of the most powerful mutants to date.

    See it on the blog here:

    Base Stats and Abilities
    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99
    Health: 14596
    Attack: 1,216
    Max PI
    Without Signature: 3,524
    Signature Level 99: 4,406

    Passive: After absorbing the power of Carol Danvers, the original Ms. Marvel, Rogue possessed an amalgamated mutant/Kree physiology, decreasing the duration of Debuffs by 65%.

    Special 1: Skin-to-Skin - Rogue removes her gloves to absorb life energy, even against Blocking opponents.
    Replicates 4 of the opponent's active Buffs. Replicated Buffs stay active as long as Rogue keeps touching the opponent. Opponents cannot activate those Buffs as long as Rogue holds them. Rogue's Replicate effect does not work on opponents of the Tech Class.
    Life Steal deals 39.5% Attack as Direct Damage.
    Rogue is healed for 100% of the Life Stolen.

    Special 2: Face Punch - With the incredible physical strength absorbed from Ms. Marvel, Rogue aims three powerful punches at the enemies' face.
    100% chance per hit to Power Steal, taking 8% of their Power as your own. (3 Hits total)

    Special 3: Lethal Kiss - Rogue initiates the attack by throwing the opponent into the air followed by aerial punches and a grand finale with her blowing a kiss towards the opponent.
    100% chance to Power Steal, taking 24% of their Power as your own.
    Activates 1 Buff per type that was Replicated during the fight. Buffs stay active as long as Rogue keeps touching the opponent. Opponents can not activate those Buffs as long as Rogue holds them.

    Signature Ability: Psyche Absorption
    Absorbing the very fabric of her enemy’s psyche, every Life or Power Steal has a 35% chance to be Critical, increasing the amount absorbed.

    Synergy Bonuses
    Rivals (Critical Damage) - Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)
    Romance (Power Gain) - Gambit
    Family (Health) - Nightcrawler
    Mutant Agenda (Special Attack Damage) - Deadpool

    Recommended Masteries

    Lesser Cruelty/Cruelty
    Rogue’s signature ability “Psyche Absorption” takes Critical Damage into consideration, so the more you have, the stronger the Power and Life Steal you will get!

    Rogue has Life Steal on her Special 1, Recovery will maximize how much health you get.

    With her ability to Replicate Buffs and keep those Buffs active while hitting the opponent, you will want to constantly be on the offensive side of things. Parry will help you achieve this goal.

    Strong Match-Ups
    This is a list of Champions that Rogue performs well against.
    Wolverine, Black Panther (Civil War) - Rogue is absolutely the best choice against Champions that rely on Buff because she replicates those and opponents can not trigger them while she has the specific Buff active.

    Poor Match-Ups
    This is a list of Champions that Rogue performs poorly against.
    Iron Man, Ultron, Tech Class Champions - Rogue can not steal their Buffs, a very big weakness on top of the class disadvantage when fighting against the Tech Class.
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    GHOST RIDER - Originally Posted 10-26-2016

    GHOST RIDER enters The Contest October 27th at 10AM PDT!

    About Ghost Rider:

    Tricked by the demonic being Mephisto into selling his soul to save a loved one, stunt cyclist Johnny Blaze soon found himself bonded to the Spirit of Vengeance, a being of almost unlimited power from Hell itself. With the power to control Hellfire as well as his mystical Hell Cycle and Hell Chains, Ghost Rider has turned against Mephisto’s purpose and instead uses his newfound abilities to protect the innocent and cast judgment upon the wicked.

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 16,040
    Attack: 1,187
    Max PI
    Without Signature: 3,545
    Signature Level 99: 4,424

    Ghost Rider can see his opponent’s transgressions and place Judgments upon them. Each Judgment can only be applied once and lasts indefinitely.

    The Duration of each Judgment’s Secondary Effect is increased by 75% for each Judgment already active.

    This duration increase stacks for each Judgment effect active. If the opponent has 4 Judgments on them, then each Judgment’s Secondary effect will have its Duration increased by 300%. More Judgments = longer secondary effects.
    Finish a 5 Hit Combo with a Light Attack

    Judgment of Spite: 70% Chance
    Secondary: Inflicts Bleed, dealing 104% of your Attack as Direct Damage over 3.5 seconds.
    Heavy Attacks

    Judgment of Malice: 80% Chance
    Secondary: Gain a Life Steal Passive effect for 6.5 seconds, allowing Ghost Rider to steal 34.5% Health with each attack.
    Special 1: Retribution

    Judgment of Pride: 70% Chance.
    Secondary: Fate Seals the opponent, Nullifying all Buffs for 5.1 seconds.
    Special 2: Hellfire Blast

    Judgment of Anger: 80% Chance
    Secondary: Drains 17% of the opponent’s Power over 2 seconds.
    Special 3: Penance Stare

    Judgment of Guilt: 100% Chance
    Secondary: Inflicts Damnation upon the opponent through the Penance Stare for 3.5 seconds, dealing 40% of Ghost Rider’s Attack as Direct Damage. Opponents under Damnation are also Power Locked, Heal Blocked and Fate Sealed.
    When Damnation ends, all Judgments are removed from the opponent and can be applied again.
    Evil’s Bane – Passive

    Against Villain opponents, Ghost Rider’s chance to place a Judgment is increased by 20%. Additionally, his Armor and Critical Chance are increased by 16.5%
    Bleed Immunity – Passive

    A lack of Blood provides full immunity to Bleed effects.
    Signature Ability – Spirit of Vengeance

    Finish a 5 Hit Combo with a Medium Attack
    Judgment of Corruption: 65% Chance
    Secondary: Ghost Rider gains a burst of (25 – 100%) Attack for 7.5 seconds.
    Synergy Bonuses

    Teammates (+5% Perfect Block Chance) – Wolverine (X-23)
    Teammates (+5% Perfect Block Chance) – Deadpool or Elektra
    Rivals (+25% Critical Damage) – Punisher
    Recommended Masteries


    Landing a Heavy Attack is paramount to gaining Ghost Rider’s Life Steal effect. Grabbing this Mastery will allow you to Stun your opponent long enough to land a Heavy Attack.
    Mystic Dispersion

    Ghost Rider’s Fate Seal on Special 1, when timed correctly, can allow him to strip away the opponent’s Buff effects and gain a large burst of power. This can allow him to quickly build up to multiple Judgment effects before hitting the big Damnation to finish the fight.

    Strong Match-Ups: This is a list of Champions that Ghost Rider performs well against.

    Gamora, Drax – Ghost Rider’s Bleed Immunity and class advantage puts him over these Champions easily.
    Kang, Wolverine, Wolverine (X-23) – These Champions rely heavily on their power meter, which Ghost Rider can strip away with his Special 2 Judgment. Additionally, his Damnation power locks and Heal Blocks these Champions, giving him a strong upper hand.
    Groot, Black Panther (Civil War), Venom – These Champions rely on their Buff effects to do well in any given fight. With Ghost Rider’s Fate Seal on his Special 1 Judgment, and Damnation to Fate Seal them, he can lock down these Champions very well.
    Weak Match-Ups: This is a list of Champions that Ghost Rider performs poorly against.

    Red Hulk, Captain America – In addition to a class advantage over Ghost Rider, these Champions do not rely on Buff effects for their damage output and are not hit as strongly by Damnation or Fate Seal.
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    MORDO - Originally Posted 11-09-2016

    Mordo enters The Contest November 10th at 10AM PDT!

    About Mordo:

    An advanced student of the mystic arts and fellow pupil of The Ancient One, Mordo saw the potential in the fledgling apprentice Stephen Strange and took him under his wing when the one-time neurosurgeon first sought healing. Like Strange, Mordo came to Kamar-Taj lost and broken. The Ancient One helped channel Mordo’s anger and led him down the path to enlightenment. While Mordo sees a bit of himself in Strange, his reason for vetting him is much shrewder – in the fight against unknowable darkness, Kamar-Taj needs all the help it can muster.

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 15,660
    Attack: 1,148
    Base Max PI: 3,621
    Signature Max PI: 4,570
    Basic Abilities: Degeneration, Mirror Dimension, Soul Barb


    Mordo’s astral form ensures that every ability properly activates, resisting against Ability Accuracy effects.
    Mordo gets one bar of Power over 5 seconds, every 8 seconds. Opponents can interrupt the Power Gain when landing a hit on Mordo.
    While Stunned:

    Even while Stunned, Mordo’s astral form senses incoming non-special attacks and quickly counter-attacks, inflicting Degeneration for 75% of your attack as direct damage over 2.5 seconds.
    Heavy Attacks:

    Mordo gains 16.6% of max power per second while below 1 power bar.
    Exponentially gains up to 10 Fury stacks while charging a Heavy Attack, each charge increases his Attack by 15% for 12 seconds.

    After holding Block for 0.5 seconds, Mordo can block unblockable special attacks.
    Special 1: Energy Blast – Mordo launches an energy blast designed to use the attacker’s energy against themselves.

    30% Chance to Stun for 3 seconds.
    Causes Degeneration, inflicting 75% of your Attack as Direct Damage over 2.5 seconds. If the opponent has a Buff, Degeneration will activate even after a successful Block.
    Special 2: Astral Strike – Combining martial arts and black magic, Mordo strikes his opponent, causing them to momentarily have an out of body experience.

    Opponents suffer from Mordo’s Soul Barb spell for 14 seconds, 10% of your Attack per opponent Buff as Energy Damage. Additionally, Soul Barb reduces Health Recovery by 70%.
    Special 3: Mirror Realm – Upon entering the Mirror Realm, Mordo is able to access all of his powers, shaping reality and catching the opponent off-guard right before the tendrils of an unidentified transdimensional beast drags them into a nightmare.

    Gains 3 stacks of Fury, each increasing his Attack by 43% for 12 seconds.
    Up to 40% chance based on Health lost to Regen instead of gaining a Fury stack, Recovering 14% Health over 6 seconds.
    Signature Ability – Mystical Barrier: By conjuring a magical barrier, Mordo Resists 80% of any Energy Damage attacks and debuffs.

    Synergy Bonuses

    Doctor Strange – Friends
    Abomination – Enemies
    Mordo will synergize with 3 other Champions after November 18th.

    Recommended Masteries

    Enhanced & Extended Fury: Mordo relies on his Fury effects on his Heavy Attacks and Special 3 to do a lot of damage. Fury and attack enhancing masteries are a clear win for this Champion.

    Recovery: His Special 3 has the chance to trigger Regeneration Buffs. Enhance it for maximum potential.

    Parry & Stupefy: Players need to charge Heavy Attacks in order to get Fury stacks and Power. Stunning the opponent makes it an easier task.


    Magik, Magneto, Doctor Strange – Mystical Barrier Signature Ability allows him to drastically reduce incoming Energy Damage while he is Blocking. Champions that rely on Energy Debuffs or Attacks are going to have a hard time against Mordo.
    Black Widow – Mordo’s astral form ensures that every ability properly activates, meaning you can use Parry against Black Widow in Alliance Wars.

    Stun immunity nodes – Mordo relies on Stuns to be able to charge Heavy Attacks to get Power and Fury stacks. Not being able to use Parry or his Special 1 to stun is a big disadvantage.
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    DOCTOR VOODOO - 11-23-2016

    Doctor Voodoo enters The Contest November 24th at 10AM PDT!

    About Doctor Voodoo:

    Jericho Drumm was born to a poor area of Haiti. He found his escape, travelling to America to attend school, but returned when his brother Daniel became seriously ill, and died. Respecting his brother’s dying wish, Jericho sought out a Houngan priest to begin his own training. Jericho soon became a Supreme Houngan in his own right, with his pure heart and mystical strength leading him to eventually take the mantle of Doctor Voodoo, new Sorcerer Supreme.

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 14520
    Attack: 1148
    Max PI:
    Without Signature: 3504
    With Signature (99): 4492
    Blocking: Increase Energy Resist by 50% while Blocking.

    Fight Start: 100% chance to regenerate 12% health over 10 seconds.

    All Attacks: All attacks have a 10% chance to place a Loa on their opponent that lasts until removed by another effect. A Loa is a buff with no effects.

    Special 1

    50% chance to Envenom each of the opponent’s Buffs, Nullifying it, and applying a Poison dealing 255% of your Attack as Direct Damage over 20 seconds.
    Special 2

    50% chance to convert up to 3 Loa into either a Buff on himself or a Debuff on the opponent, based on current Combo Meter.
    Even Combo: All of Voodoo’s attacks gain a 50% chance to burn 2.5% of his opponent’s Power, converting 450% of Power burnt into Energy Damage, lasting 15 seconds.
    Odd Combo: Target leaks 30% of their Power, over 10 seconds.
    Special 3

    100% chance of applying Power Leech to the target, stealing 40% Power over 20 seconds.
    When the Power Leech ends for any reason, Doctor Voodoo gains an equivalent Power Gain Buff.
    Signature Ability

    Brother Daniel: Brother Daniel will posses either Doctor Voodoo or his opponent moving between them based on Doctor Voodoo’s combo meter when he uses a Special Attack.
    Combo Even: Doctor Voodoo is possessed gaining 100% increased Ability Accuracy and (50-100)% increased Buff Duration.
    Odd Combo: Opponent is possessed gaining 50% decreased Ability Accuracy and (50-100)% increased Debuff Duration.
    Synergy Bonuses

    Doctor Strange – Rivals (+25% Critical Damage)
    Rogue – Teammates (+5% Perfect Block)
    Winter Soldier – Friends (+6% Armor)
    Guillotine – Enemies (+7% Critical Hit Rate)
    Recommended Masteries

    Doctor Voodoo starts every fight with an active Regeneration effect. Enhancing it will help keep his HP topped off for repeated fights, such as during a quest or Alliance Events.
    Mystic Dispersion
    With the unique combination of the ability to both place Buffs on his opponents and nullify them away, Doctor Voodoo can generate a lot of extra power with this Mastery.
    By keeping Brother Daniel on his opponent, Doctor Voodoo can significantly extend the length of a parry stun. On top of this, combining Brother Daniel with Pacify will reduce your opponent’s ability accuracy by a huge amount.

    Strong Match-Ups

    Groot: Groot is immune to Bleed but not Poison, and he produces a lot of buffs for Voodoo to convert to Poisons. Combine this with Brother Daniel’s Ability Accuracy debuff which will give you a chance to prevent Groot’s regeneration from triggering at all. Also there’s a class advantage, just for a little extra kick.
    Wolverine: Poison reduces his healing effects, Brother Daniel reduces the chance of Regeneration from triggering, and Spirit Venom let’s him Nullify one if Wolverine does manage to trigger one.
    Weak Match-Ups

    Hulk: Doctor Voodoo does a lot of Poison damage and Hulk is immune to this. Doctor Voodoo shuts down his opponents by reducing Ability Accuracy and Nullify Buffs, Hulk procs very few buffs passively, increasing his Damage as his health drops. Voodoo is resistant to Energy Damage while Hulk exclusively does Physical Damage.
    Vision: Like the Hulk, Vision is Immune to Poison and doesn’t trigger any Buffs. He also has the ability to get a Heal Block on his opponents very quickly, counteracting Doctor Voodoo’s Regeneration. Finally, his Mana Burn can keep preventing his opponent from using any of their Special Attacks.
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    HYPERION - Originally Posted 12-07-2016

    Hyperion enters The Contest December 8th at 10AM PDT!

    About Hyperion:

    An infant cast into space, Hyperion was the only survivor of a dying race, on a dying world. He crashed to Earth, and was found by a man who called himself Father. Father would teach him right from wrong, good from evil, instilling in him a set of morals which would guide him into using his incredible powers as a sworn protector of our world.

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 16,762
    Attack: 1,103
    Max PI:
    Without Signature: 3459
    With Signature (99): 4369
    Base Abilities – Fury, Incinerate, Armor Break, Stun

    Passive – Eternal physiology grants immunity to all known poisons within the Battlerealm.

    Cosmic Charge – Passive

    Gains charges periodically.
    Maximum 3 charges at a time.
    Whenever not at full power, Cosmic Charges are converted into Power Gain Buffs one at a time.
    Each charge passively increases Attack by 40% and Physical Resist by 20%
    Cosmic Healing – Passive

    Hyperion triggers Cosmic Healing by dashing backwards and holding block for 2 seconds, at a cost of 3 Cosmic Charges.
    Cosmic Healing Regenerates 15% of Hyperion’s Health over 15 seconds.
    After triggering Cosmic Healing, Hyperion will be unable to generate Cosmic Charges for 45 seconds.
    Heavy Attacks

    35% chance for Fury, increasing your Attack by 50% for 10 seconds.
    Special 1: Atomic Vision – Hyperion fires beams of intense heat from his eyes to devastating effect.

    This attack Incinerates the enemy, dealing 92% of your attack as Energy Damage over 10 seconds. This effect also removes Perfect Block Chance and reduces Block Proficiency by 50% while it’s active.
    Special 2: Solar Wind – Using his massive strength Hyperion can exhale with the force of a hurricane.

    100% chance to Armor Break, removing enemy Armor and applying 60% Armor reduction for 15 seconds.
    50% chance to Stun for 3 seconds.
    Special 3: Orbital Kinetic Strike – Hyperion hammers his opponent into the ground, before launching himself into orbit, and using gravity to help him smash back down on them, at terrifying speed!

    100% chance to gain up to 3 Cosmic Charges
    If Hyperion has 3 Cosmic Charges when used, he instead gains a Cosmic Overcharge Buff.
    While in Cosmic Overcharge mode, Hyperion gains Power and does not convert Cosmic Charges into Power Gains while below Full Power.
    Signature Ability – Cosmic Potential: Hyperion’s Eternal physiology becomes even more efficient at storing and converting cosmic radiation, resulting in 50% increased Buff duration.

    Synergy Bonuses

    Thor – Friend – (+6% Armor)
    Iron Man – Enemy – (+7% Critical Hit Rate)
    Doctor Strange – Enemy – (+7% Critical Hit Rate)
    Recommended Masteries

    Hyperion’s Special 2 attack has a good chance to land a long stun. Adding another 0.5 seconds to it makes it long enough to trigger both a Heavy attack to trigger Fury bonuses, and still start another combo.
    Liquid Courage
    Since Hyperion is immune to Poison, he gains the large Attack bonus and doesn’t take any damage.
    Since Hyperion wants to build his Cosmic Charges, in a longer fight he will want to wait a while before starting to use his Special Attacks. During this time, he will be making full use of the Attack bonus without taking any Recoil damage.
    Strong Match-Ups

    Electro does a lot of Energy Damage. Hyperion is resistant to both Electro’s Special Attacks and his Static Shock. Hyperion’s Incinerate on his Special 1 attack also reduces the effectiveness of Electro’s block, further reducing the effectiveness of his Static Shock.
    Hyperion is immune to Poison substantially reducing Abomination’s damage potential against him. Additionally, Abomination’s large Health pool and toughness gives Hyperion time to build up his Cosmic Charges against him.
    Groot is very tough, but doesn’t do a ton of damage. This is perfect for Hyperion, as he’s put under very little threat while he builds up his Cosmic Charges. Once he’s built them up, the Physical Resistance and Fury from those charges make him resilient to what damage Groot can do and powerfully equipped to blast through his defences.
    Weak Match-Ups

    Juggernaut is aggressive. He wants to be Unstoppable and in your face dishing out damage. Against this kind of pressure it will be difficult for Hyperion to build his Cosmic Charges, which he needs to resist Juggernaut’s Class Advantaged Physical Damage. Additionally, Stagger will counter Hyperion’s Power Gains causing him to burn through his Cosmic Charges very quickly.
    Scarlet Witch
    Scarlet Witch as a Champion wants as many Critical Hits as possible meaning landing a barrage of attacks. Her class advantage will help her do even more damage, and her Nullify can strip Hyperion of his Power Gains, again causing him to convert his Cosmic Charges quickly.
    Nullify and Power Lock are two of the scariest abilities for Hyperion and Magik has both. Limbo can also act to counter Hyperion’s potential to do a lot of damage in a short window. All in all, Magik is very well equipped to deal with Hyperion.
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    HOWARD THE DUCK - Originally Posted 12-21-2016

    Howard the Duck enters The Contest December 22nd at 10AM PDT!

    About Howard the Duck:

    When Howard was whisked away from his detective agency in New York City to the Battlerealm, he didn’t know what to expect. He certainly didn’t expect to be shoved into some back warehouse, organizing the Collector’s Crystals all day. Well, an insult like this won’t just run off this duck’s back. He’s “borrowed” a spare ISO-Loader, made some upgrades, and attached an old friend; his famous Big Freaking Gun. It’s time for Howard to introduce these so-called Champions to the ultimate fighting style of his home universe, Quack-Fu!

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 15,204
    Attack: 1171
    Max PI:
    Without Signature: 3567
    With Signature (99): 4460
    Quack Fu: As Howard takes and deals damage, his temper builds, increasing his Attack and Critical Damage by 10% per stack. These stacks are lost over time as Howard eventually cools off.

    Armor: The ISO-Loader begins the fight with 8 stacks of Armor Up active, each increasing Armor by 7%. Each time the Loader is struck, there’s a 13% chance for a piece of Armor to fall off.

    Special 1: Unarmed Attack – “Let me introduce you to my fist!”

    The ISO-Loader’s specialized metal punches out a portion of the opponent’s ISO-8, reducing Armor, Attack, Block Proficiency, Regeneration Rate, Physical Resistance and Critical Chance by 6% for the remainder of the fight.
    The is a Passive effect that has an infinite duration. This effect can be stacked up to 4 times.
    Special 2: B.F.G Surprise – Smack your opponent around, then fire everything!

    The super-charged B.F.G. fires out a barrage of strange bullets to cause different effects. Each effect has a 30% chance to activate.
    Possible Effects: Heal Block, Power Drain, Poison, Armor Break, Power Lock, Shock
    Special 3: Junkyard Smackdown – Eat this! Erm…maybe this!? Uhh…ramming speed!

    The suit’s Catalyst Absorber fires off, granting Howard a temporary Buff for 9 seconds based on the opponent’s Class. While the Buff is active, Howard’s Critical Hits also gain a bonus effect.
    Cosmic – Fury Buff + Critical Hits ignore Armor
    Tech – Armor Up + Chance to Heal Block on Critical Hits
    Mutant – Regeneration + Chance to Armor Break on Critical Hits
    Skill – Precision Buff + Chance to Bleed on Critical Hits
    Science – Evasion buff + Chance to Poison on Critical Hits
    Mystic – Power Gain + Chance to Nullify on Critical Hits
    Signature Ability – Mash ALL the Buttons!: When Howard is brought below 60% and 30% Max Health, he frantically mashes buttons on the Loader console. This has a (38 – 87%) chance to trigger a Self Repair, healing 20% Max Health, or a Thunderquack, dealing 135% of his Attack as Energy Damage. Both effects last 7 seconds and are interrupted if Howard is Stunned.

    Synergy Bonuses

    Friends (+6% Armor) – She-Hulk
    Friends (+6% Armor) – Rocket Raccoon
    Teammates (+5% Perfect Block Chance) – Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
    Recommended Masteries

    Resonate: For long duration fights, Howard has the ability to launch multiple Special 1 attacks and reduce his opponent’s attack by 24%. Combine this with the Weakness effect caused by Resonate and Howard gains much higher survivability.

    Precision: While using the Catalyst Absorber on his Special 3, Howard gains powerful effects on his Critical Hits. Grabbing this Mastery will allow Howard to trigger these effects more often for added benefit.


    Strong Match-Ups: This is a list of Champions that Howard the Duck performs well against.

    Wolverine, Wolverine (X-23), Deadpool – In addition to a class advantage, Howard can permanently reduce these Champions’ Regeneration Rate with his Special 1 or gain his own Regeneration effect with his Special 3.
    Hulk, Captain America, Colossus – These Champions rely on raw damage to take down opponents and do not have access to Armor Break. Howard’s high Armor Rating protects him very well against this type of opponent.
    Doctor Strange, Loki – These Champions have low Physical Resistance and Howard’s consistent Fury effects from Quack Fu allows his basic attacks to easily overpower these Champions.
    Weak Match-Ups: This is a list of Champions that Howard the Duck performs poorly against.

    Ronan – Ronan’s ability to convert Armor Up into Armor Breaks, combined with his increased Stun duration against buffed opponents allows him to quickly bring Howard down.
    Iron Fist, Spider-Man (Symbiote) – These Champions can regularly apply Armor Break effects to bring down the ISO-Loader’s Armor effects and leave Howard with little in the way of defenses.
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    GWENPOOL - Originally Posted 01-04-2017

    Gwenpool enters The Contest January 5th at 10AM PDT!

    About Gwenpool:

    Through unknown means, the avid comic reader Gwen Poole was transported into the world of the comics she loves so much, with all of her memories of the “real” world intact. Unwilling to remain an extra in her own story, she sets out to make a name for herself and to find a way to pay her internet bill. Maybe she can make some money in this Contest thingy? At least it’ll give her something fun to do!

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 14596
    Attack: 1216
    Max PI:
    Without Signature: 3576
    With Signature (99): 4418
    Basic Abilities: Bleed, Ennervate, Incinerate, Armor Break

    Basic Attacks:

    25% chance to inflict Bleed, dealing 70% of your Attack as direct damage over 5 seconds.
    3% chance to Stun per Bleed active on target, lasting for 0.75 seconds.
    Heavy Attacks:

    If the target isn’t Bleeding when the last strike hits, it has a 50% chance to cause Bleed, doing 70% of Gwen’s attack over 5 seconds.
    If the target is already Bleeding, the attack instead gains a 100% chance to convert 1 existing Bleed to cause 450% of Gwen’s attack as direct damage, over 23 seconds.
    Special 1: Slice, Slice, Bang! – Swords and guns! What more could you ask for?

    100% chance to Incinerate the target, dealing 98% of your Attack as Energy Damage for 14 seconds. This effect also removes Perfect Block chance and reduces Block Proficiency by 50% while active.
    When this effect expires, it has a 100% chance to consume 1 Bleed off the opponent to re-apply itself.
    Special 2: Down, Set, Boom! – Explosives strapped on a football, and kicked right at your opponent’s face! Catch!

    100% chance to Enervate the target, preventing them from gaining Power when struck for 6 seconds.
    When this effect expires, it has a 100% chance to consume 1 Bleed off the opponent to re-apply itself.
    Special 3: Watch This! – In the immortal words of anyone about to do something really cool, that in no way could go horribly wrong!

    100% chance to Armor Break, removing enemy Armor and applying a 115% Armor reduction for 14 seconds.
    When this effect expires, it has a 100% chance to consume 1 Bleed off the opponent to re-apply itself.
    Signature Ability – Plot Armor: Gwenpool’s read enough comics to know that the main character doesn’t die, preventing her from losing more than 65% of her current health per hit from Special Attacks. She also reduces her opponent’s Defensive Ability Accuracy, based on her current combo count.

    Synergy Bonuses

    Howard the Duck – Friends – (+6% Armor)
    Spider-Man (Miles Morales) – Teammates – (+5% Perfect Block Chance)
    Deadpool or Deadpool (X-Force) – Idol – (+4% Attack and Health)
    Thor (Jane Foster) – Enemy – (+7% Critical Hit Rate)
    Recommended Masteries

    Deep Wounds: This one is a bit of a given. A lot of Gwenpool’s damage comes from her Bleed abilities. Increasing the duration, especially of the shorter bleeds, greatly increases the chance one will be active to refresh one of the Special Attack debuffs.
    Stupify: Gwen’s on hit stuns are quite short. Adding stupify greatly increases the window you have to react to them, easily allowing her to land safe Heavy Attacks to convert to those nasty long bleeds.
    Assassin or Despair: Both have the potential to be brutally effective in the correct situation. A Gwenpool with the 30% Offensive Ability accuracy bonus from Assassin makes for a truly terrifying finisher. Whereas the Healing reduction from Despair combined with her many many debuffs has the potential to make Wolverine cry.

    Strong Match-Ups

    Yellowjacket: Yellowjacket is great at punishing Champions that want or need to throw lots of Special Attacks. Gwenpool specializes in carefully timed special attacks. She can then sustain them by making her opponents Bleed so she doesn’t need to throw them nearly as often. She also has class advantage for the cherry on top.
    Doctor Strange: Counterspell what? Doctor Strange is fantastic at Nullifying effects off his opponents, but Gwenpool doesn’t have any, and he has no way to clear the Debuffs and Bleeds that she will stack up on him. Even the vaunted Fate Seal won’t help him in this fight!
    Juggernaut: Juggernaut is big and tanky, and sometimes Unstoppable. It’s when he’s Unstoppable that he’s really scary, but to chunk through that Health bar you’ve got to hit him a lot, which gives him a lot of power. Gwenpool’s Enervate solves this beautifully. Land a Special 2 and make sure you keep a couple of bleeds active on him so it can refresh, and hammer away on him fearlessly!
    Weak Match-Ups

    Magneto: Gwenpool relies on swords to make her opponents bleed, and swords are metal. Magneto’s Magnetism ability makes Gwenpool’s life hard! Lowering the chance to trigger all of her abilities leaves her bag of tricks looking awfully empty, and if he also happens to have the Mutagenesis mastery for the flat Bleed Duration reduction, then look out!
    Colossus: Colossus is a Bleed Immune Champion and also happens to have class advantage. Just incase you happened to miss the theme, Gwenpool is powered by Bleeds and Colossus just says “No!”.
    Agent Venom: Agent Venom has the ability to shrug off any debuffs applied to him. Gwenpool really needs those debuffs to stick around. Now this isn’t quite as hard a counter as straight up Bleed Immune Champions but he makes up for this by affecting all of her debuffs, not just Bleed.
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    CABLE - Originally Posted 01-18-2017

    Cable enters The Contest January 19th at 10AM PDT!

    About Cable:

    Nathan Summers was a child of destiny even before his birth. His parents, Scott Summers and Madelyne Prior, were manipulated into having him by Mister Sinister, who was attempting to create a genetically superior mutant as his ultimate weapon. As an infant, he was instead infected with the deadly Techno Organic Virus, and sent 2000 years into the future to save his life. Years later he would return, taking the name Cable to represent his unique place as a link between the present and the future.

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 16268
    Attack: 1159
    Max PI:
    Without Signature: 3464
    With Signature (99): 4376
    Basic Abilities: Regeneration, Incinerate, Concussion, True Strike

    Passive – Techno Organic Repairs

    15% chance to Regenerate 15% Health for 10 seconds, each time a bar of Power is filled. This ability stops working below 25% Health.
    Passive – Belle

    Future Poison durations are reduced by 20% each time a poison is triggered on Cable.
    Once his Poison Durations are reduced to 0, Cable gains a Passive 50% bonus to Special Damage
    Passive – Techno Organic Infection

    When caused to Bleed, Cable has a 100% chance to trigger his Heavy Attack Degeneration on his Opponent
    Heavy Attack – Techno Organic Strike

    100% Chance to Degenerate Non-Robotic opponents for up to 400% of your Attack over 15 seconds.

    Strength of Degenerate scales inverse of your Opponent’s current Power.
    Special 1: Short Controlled Bursts – Cable knocks back his opponent, making space to use his plasma rifle!

    This attack is Unblockable if you are currently under the effects of a True Strike Buff.
    Special 2: Charge Shot – A telekinetic wave, followed up by a high energy charged blast from his rifle!

    This attack Incinerates the enemy, dealing 100% of your Attack as Energy Damage over 10 seconds. This effect also removes Perfect Block Chance and reduces Block Proficiency by 50%

    This attack has a 84% chance to give the opponent a Concussion, reducing their Ability Accuracy by 78% for 11 seconds. The potency of this effect is affected by Class relationships.

    Special 3: TK Rifle – Cable uses his powers to enhances his plasma rifle, locks on his target, and unleashes a withering barrage of firepower.

    100% Chance to grant True Strike for 15 seconds. This allows him to ignore Armor, Resistances, and Evasion.

    Signature Ability – Techno Organic Virus Suppression

    Cable’s immense mutant powers are hampered by having to constantly keep the techno organic virus in check. As the strength of the virus wanes, Cable has a 40% chance to gain 16.5% Power over 10 seconds, each time he fills a bar of power.

    Synergy Bonuses

    Cyclops or Cyclops (90’s) – Family – (All Champions gain +6% Health)
    Phoenix – Family – (All Champions gain +6% Health)
    Deadpool or Deadpool (X-Force) – Enemies – (All Champions gain +7% to Critical Hit Rate)
    Rogue – Teammates – (All Champions gain +5% Perfect Block Chance)
    Recommended Masteries

    Recovery: Cable has a strong regeneration ability, which is only improved once his Signature is unlocked. Increasing the amount of HP regenerated each time it triggers will help keep Cable in the the fight longer.

    Inequity/Resonate: Lumping these two in together, as they both help Cable by reducing his opponent’s attack. Cable is capable of keeping his Degeneration up almost full time against an non-robotic opponent, and has a pair of debuffs available from his SP2. Together this represents a noticeable drop in the opponent’s damage output, which will help Cable’s Regeneration keep him above that all important 25% cut-off.

    Willpower: Willpower works quite well with Cable. He’s already got a strong Regeneration ability, which means that much more of the Health gained from Willpower stays on his Health Bar, rather than just compensating for whatever Damage the debuff was causing you, it also again helps keep Cable above his 25% Regeneration cut-off.
    Strong Match-Ups

    Black Panther: Boy did Mr Panther show up to the wrong fight! With all the Bleed effects Black Panther triggers, he’s going to be Degenerating a lot! Combine that with Cable’s natural class advantage, and it’s a pretty safe bet of who’s coming out ahead here.

    Gwenpool: Gwenpool wants to make you bleed all over yourself, which is right up Cable’s alley! His Signature Power Gain will help him slip around Gwenpool’s Ennervate ability. Where Gwenpool’s Plot Armor won’t let your Special Attacks touch, Cable’s Degeneration will knock off those last stubborn few percentage points off her health bar.

    Abomination: Abomination is a great target as his Poison effect, while strong over time, needs to trigger repeatedly. This allows Cable to quickly drive his Poison duration reduction to 100%, while giving him a sizable boost for his Special Attack Damage.
    Weak Match-Ups

    Guillotine: A regular semi-predictable regeneration is usually a great thing to have, unless your opponent can make it run in reverse! And given that Cable can’t avoid triggering that Regeneration if he wants to, means Guillotine will always have a target here.
    Vision (Both): Power Drain to prevent Regeneration from triggering, and Heal Block to prevent it from doing anything if it does. They’re also Robots, and as such not susceptible to Cable’s Degeneration.

    Magik: Magik is all up in your Power Bar, and as such, Cable can struggle against her. Power Lock keeps Cable’s Signature Ability in check, and reduces the number of chances he has to Regenerate.
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    THE HOOD - Originally Posted 02-01-2017

    The Hood enters The Contest February 2nd at 10AM PDT!

    About The Hood:

    Always fascinated with super humans, young petty thief Parker Robbins used his gains to help his family, including his ailing mother. When a burglary took an unexpected turn, Parker found himself in possession of a pair of mystical boots and cloak. Struggling to understand the supernatural items, he learned they granted him limited powers, including invisibility and the ability to walk on air. Dubbed “The Hood” by the police, Parker soon found himself forced down a darker path, using his newfound powers to start his own criminal empire to ensure the safety of his family.

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 15508
    Attack: 1148
    Max PI:
    Without Signature: 3517
    With Signature (99): 4357
    Basic Abilities: Invisibility, Hex Magic, Stagger, Shock, Bleed

    Dash Back and Hold Block for 1.5 Seconds

    The Hood gains Invisibility for 8 seconds. While Invisible, incoming attacks have a 45% chance to miss. Non-contact attacks have double this chance.
    While Invisible, The Hood deals 105% increased Critical Damage and his attacks ignore 75% Armor and Block Proficiency.
    Critical Hits

    60% chance to Stagger the opponent, preventing them from gaining their next Buff for 10 seconds. When the Stagger expires, the opponent’s Health is siphoned to The Hood for 15% of his Attack.
    Heavy Attack

    Refreshes any Shock, Hex, Stagger or Bleed The Hood has placed on the opponent.
    Special 1: Eldritch Arc – Reaching deep into his granted power, The Hood casts out an arc of chaotic lightning.

    Shocks the opponent, dealing 130% of the Hood’s Attack as Energy Damage over 7.5 seconds. When the Shock expires, the opponent is Stunned for 0.75 seconds. This effect cannot interrupt Special Attacks.
    Special 2: Occult Onslaught – Calling forth his supernatural handguns, The Hood creates a bit of distance and empties the clips into his target.

    Hexes the opponent, reducing Ability Accuracy by 56% and Fate Sealing for 6.5 seconds. When the Hex expires, it deals a burst of Energy Damage equal to 85% of the Hood’s attack.
    This attack triggers Invisibility.
    Special 3: Dark Pact – Overwhelmed by the dark power inside him, Parker begins to transform into something else entirely.

    This attack deals 65% increased damage for each full bar of power the opponent has at time of impact.
    100% chance to inflict Bleed, dealing 130% of your Attack as direct damage over 6 seconds.
    Signature Ability – With some help from Dormammu, The Hood learns to better harness his demonic equipment. While his Invisibility is in cool down, the Hood becomes Stun Immune and his basic attacks have a 50% chance to Steal 10% of the opponent’s Power.

    Synergy Bonuses

    Doctor Voodoo or Punisher – Enemies – (All Champions gain +7% Crit Rate)
    Joe Fixit – Crime Bosses – (Villain Champions gain +5% Armor and Crit Rate)
    Dormammu – Dark Empowerment – (Non-Robot Villain Champions have a 20% chance to Revive at 10% Health when receiving a knockout blow)
    Iron Patriot or Loki – Teammates – (All Champions gain +5% Perfect Block Chance)
    Recommended Masteries

    Mystic Dispersion
    The Hood’s Fate Seal on his Special 2 allows him to trigger Mystic Dispersion multiple times with a single ability. Combine it with Stagger for even more triggers. Once his Signature Ability has been unlocked and he gains Power Steal, he’ll be rolling in Power!
    The Stun at the end of the Hood’s Shock Debuff is quite short, and you have to almost be dashing in before the shock ends to successfully land a hit. Stupify nearly doubles the window to land that critical first hit of your combo.
    Glass Cannon
    The Hood’s Invisibility is great at prevent him from taking hits. Glass Cannon dovetails beautifully with this, allowing the Hood to take full advantage of the Attack bonus, while ignoring much of the penalty.
    Strong Match-Ups

    Storm has a lot of damage available to her, a lot which is in her Special Attacks, which also have strong Stun effects attached to them. However, The Hood has the ability to simply avoid being hit with Invisibility, and once his Signature Ability is unlocked, he’s immune to the Stun effects, if he does get hit while his Invisibility is on cooldown.
    One of the toughest parts of fighting Hyperion are his repeated Power Gains. Between his Stagger, his Fate Seal, and his Power Steal The Hood counters this very effectively, on top of the obvious class advantage.
    Scarlet Witch
    Ah Scarlet Witch, you never really know what you’re going to get against her, unless of course she spends the entire fight Hexed, Fate Sealed, and Staggered. Fate Seal and Stagger to Nullify any Buffs Scarlet Witch triggers, and the Ability Accuracy reduction from Hex Magic to lower the chance that Chaos Magic triggers at all.
    Weak Match-Ups

    Black Panther (Civil War)
    Black Panther (Civil War) can be a tricky matchup for the Hood. All of Black Panther’s attack are contact attacks minimizing the effect of Invisibility. Also Black Panther’s ability to reflect Stuns, makes using the Hood’s Special 1 a risk, as while it may have been safe when the attack was triggered, there’s no way to un-trigger if it becomes clear the Stun will reflect.

    Ant-Man doesn’t trigger any Buffs, making the Hood’s Stagger and Fate Seal abilities pretty underwhelming, combining this with being at a Class Advantage, and his Pym Gas Control to counter Critical Hits, makes Ant-Man a tough fight.

    Rhino’s an in your face Champion, pushing his opponent’s back against the edge of the arena. His chance to go Unblockable while dashing in makes the dash back and block trigger for Invisibility an iffy proposition halving the up-time on this powerful effect.
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    DORMAMMU - Originally Posted 02-15-2017

    Dormammu enters The Contest February 16th at 10AM PDT!
    About Dormammu:
    Dormammu was born to a race of powerful beings made of pure magical energy known as the Faltine, and has only one true desire: power. This desire drove him from his home world and brought him to the Dark Dimension, where he now rules and draws even greater power from the worship of his subjects. Now with the power of so many heroes concentrated in The Contest, Dormammu has come as one of the greatest mystical threats in the universe, undoubtedly to gain that power for himself.

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 17028
    Attack: 1114
    Max PI:
    Without Signature: 3520
    With Signature (99): 4218
    Basic Abilities: Power Drain, Power Burn, Nullify, Power Lock

    Passive – Immune to Poison

    As a being of pure mystical energy, Dormammu, is immune to all known poisons of the Battlerealm.

    Passive – Immune to Bleed

    Dormammu lacks blood and is therefore, immune to Bleed effects.

    Passive – Dark Energy

    Gain Dark Energy Charges each time your opponent spends power.
    When the Charge reaches 100, Dormammu will consume all Dark Energy to Imbue the next ability he uses with additional effects.
    Gain 50 Dark Energy Charges for each Buff Nullified.
    Heavy Attack

    If there is no Soul Bond on the target, place one on it.
    While a Soul Bond is active, each Dark Energy Charge you receive also adds charges to the Soul Bond – up to 100.
    Detonate an active Soul Bond dealing up to 4% of Attack as Direct Damage, per Soul Bond charge.
    Medium Attack Combo Finisher

    The target doesn’t gain Power from this Hit.
    Depletes up to 7.5% of the Target’s Max Power.
    Imbued: Causes Direct Damage equal to 400% of Power Drained from the opponent by this attack.
    Special 1: Soul Fire – A wave of power from the Dark Dimension burns through his opponent’s very soul, burning out any sources of power it may find.

    100% Chance to Nullify 1 enemy Buff.
    Imbued: 100% Chance to Nullify all enemy Buffs.
    Special 2: Dimensional Blasts – Dormammu opens rifts to the Dark Dimension, drawing forth bolts of raw power.

    100% Chance to Power Lock opponent for 5 seconds.
    Imbued: Drain 15% of the target’s Max Power per hit.
    Special 3: Lord of the Dark Dimension – Dormammu brings his opponent into the Dark Dimension for a demonstration of his true potential.

    Gain a Dimensional Link buff causing Dormammu to continually gain Dark Energy for 16 seconds.
    Imbued: Gain an Empowered Dimensional Link buff. While it is active Dormammu Regenerate 20% of Damage done by the Soul Bond detonation as Health.
    Signature Ability – Soul Leech

    Dormammu uses his opponent’s powers as a link to reach deep within their soul. Each time a buff expires on his opponent, Dormammu has up to a 100% chance to Degenerate them for 130% of his attack, over 10 seconds. The chance of this ability triggering increases the longer it’s been since it was last triggered.

    Synergy Bonuses:

    Doctor Strange – Nemesis – (All Champions gain +6% Attack)
    The Hood – Inseparable – (All Champions gain +9% Special 3 Damage)
    Doctor Voodoo – Enemy – (All Champions gain +7% Critical Hit Rate)
    Mordo – Dark Empowerment – (Non-Robot Villain Champions have a 20% chance to Revive at 10% Health when receiving a knockout blow)
    Recommended Masteries

    Mystic Dispersion
    Dormammu has a Nullify ability on his Special 1, allowing him to trigger Mystic Dispersion a lot. This only improves with an Imbued Special 1 allowing him to Nullify all his opponent’s Buffs.

    The Assassin Mastery pairs very well with Dormammu’s Soul Bond. The very high ratio on a fully charged Soul Bond gives great returns from this mastery, and since the Soul Bond will take some time to fully charge, it’s likely to be ready when this Mastery kicks in.

    Liquid Courage and Double Edge
    I’m going to lump these two in together, since in this case they’re both doing pretty much the same thing: giving a large Attack boost, while Dormammu’s natural immunities prevent him from receiving their negative effects.
    Strong Match-Ups

    A lot of Hyperion’s power comes from his repeated Power Gains, and Dormammu has several ways to deal with them. Also, the True Damage from both Soul Bond and Soul Leech allows him to bypass Hyperion’s high resistances.

    Doctor Strange:
    Ahh the good Doctor, Dormammu’s long time nemesis. Now, this isn’t a super hard counter, but Dormammu is well equipped for this fight. He doesn’t rely on Buffs limiting the effect of Counterspell. He has a Nullify of his own to take down Doctor Strange’s period buffs, and once his Signature is unlocked he has a chance to Degenerate Doctor Strange each time he switches Buffs.

    When stepping into the ring with Cable, Dormammu’s going to want to play the shutdown game. Cable can really get rolling when he triggers Power Gains, which in turn gives him more chances to trigger Regenerations, and more Power Gains. Dormammu has a couple of options to deal with this, either Nullifying them directly, or Power Locking and Draining him to prevent them having a chance to trigger.
    Weak Match-Ups

    Electro is a tough contender for Dormammu, especially once he has access to his Signature Ability. Electro is happy to just sit on a full Power Bar for extra Critical Hits, never giving Dormammu a chance to build his Dark Energy, and hold Class Advantage for even more damage.

    Captain America:
    Captain America is a great counter to Dormammu. He doesn’t have any Buffs to trigger, avoiding Soul Leech. Weakness provides a window in which Dormammu really doesn’t want to trigger the Soul Bond, and Class Advantage offsets Cap’s lower damage output.

    Cyclops (Blue Team and New Xavier School):
    Cyclops has big Special Damage at his disposal, and doesn’t mind saving up for his Special 3, especially if he can get his combo up for the additional damage. Again, by saving up his Special Bar he can deny Dormammu much of his Dark Energy charge, and no buffs to trigger keep him safe from Soul Leech.
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    Archangel - Originally Posted 03-01-2017

    Archangel enters The Contest March 2nd at 10AM PDT!

    A founding member of the X-Men, Warren Kenneth Worthington III, was better known as Angel until he was nearly killed, and his wings were brutally amputated. Angel was saved by the ancient and powerful mutant Apocalypse, who transformed him into the horseman Death. Now with blue skin, retractable claws, and razor sharp metallic wings coated with a powerful neurotoxin, he has overcome the programming of Apocalypse, but still continues an inner struggle against his deadly bloodlust as Archangel.

    Base Stats & Abilities
    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 15546
    Attack: 1,148
    Max PI:
    Without Signature: 3656
    With Signature (99): 4568

    Basic Abilities: Bleed, Poison, Neurotoxin, Stun

    Neurotoxin - Passive
    Each time Archangel triggers a Bleed effect on an opponent with an active Poison effect that he caused, they are combined, converting into a Neurotoxin charge lasting 15 seconds.
    Neurotoxins are a Passive effect, and therefore do not count as either a Debuff, or a Poison.
    Neurotoxins do 3444 damage over their duration.
    On expiry, Neurotoxins have a 100% Chance to Stun their target for 0.5 seconds. This effect will not interrupt a Special Attack.

    Passive - Raptor’s Senses
    Archangel’s Ability Accuracy cannot be decreased by his opponent’s abilities

    Passive - Blood Transmission Vector
    Each Bleed Debuff on your opponent increases the chance of any Poison triggering by a flat 25%, and reduces the chance that opponent’s Tenacity abilities will trigger by the same.

    Block - Poison Wings
    0% chance to Poison the target, reducing their Health recovery by 30% and dealing 1435 Direct Damage over 15 seconds.

    Critical Strikes - Razor Claws
    40% chance to cause your opponent to Bleed for 1435 Direct Damage over 15 seconds.

    50% chance to cause your opponent to Bleed for 1435 Direct Damage over 15 seconds.
    Only the first Bleed effect triggered by this attack will consume a Poison effect, though all Bleeds triggered by it will convert to Neurotoxins as long as a Poison was consumed during the attack.

    Special 1: Bladed Pinions - Archangel fires several of his razor edged metallic feathers, coated with his potent neurotoxin.
    20% Chance to cause your opponent to Bleed for 1435 Direct Damage over 15 seconds.
    0% Chance to Poison your opponent for 1435 Direct Damage over 15 seconds.

    Special 2: Razor Winged Strike - Archangel uses all six of his limbs in a flurry of razor sharp blows.
    50% Chance to cause your opponent to Bleed for 1435 Direct Damage over 15 seconds.
    -40% Chance to Poison your opponent for 1435 Direct Damage over 15 seconds.

    Special 3: Hypersonic Scream - Archangel emits an intense high pitched shriek, stunning his opponent, creating an opening for a series of high speed strikes!
    100% Chance to poison your opponent for 1435 Direct Damage over 15 seconds.
    100% Chance to cause your opponent to Bleed for 1435 Direct Damage over 15 seconds.
    100% Chance to Stun your opponent for 4 seconds.

    Signature Ability - Increased Toxicity: The Neurotoxin coating Archangel's wings and claws increases in toxicity, causing numbness and loss of motor control.

    Synergy Bonuses

    1. Psylocke - Romance - (+5% Power Gain)
    2. Phoenix or Beast - Mutant Agenda - (+12% Special Attack Damage)
    3. Iceman or Colossus - Mutant Agenda - (+12% Special Attack Damage)
    4. Ghost Rider or Black Widow - Teammates - (+5% Perfect Block Chance)

    Recommended Masteries

    Deep Wounds
    In addition to the extra damage, the extended duration increases Archangel’s window to trigger his Poisons which in turn, increases the chance to get a Neurotoxin.
    Neurotoxins have a very short stun at the end. Combining this with Stupify allows for a much larger window to dash in and take advantage at their moment of weakness.

    One of the ways Archangel triggers his Bleeds is by landing Critical HIts, so increasing the number of Critical Hits will increase the number of Bleeds. This is also the only way for Archangel to trigger Bleeds that doesn’t either cost Special Power, or need a window to land a heavy attack.

    Strong Match-Ups

    Agent Venom
    This can be a bit of a battle of wills at first. Archangel trying to stack Bleeds, Agent Venom trying to Tenacity them away. But just by landing the first Bleed, Archangel nearly halves Agent Venom’s Tenacity chance, and it only goes downhill from there. Man it feels good to be able to Parry this guy for once!

    Archangel’s Neurotoxin, once Awakened, allows him to start suppressing the friendly neighbourhood Evade machine! Once you get that first Neurotoxin in place it will be much easier to land a second one, and the third!

    The Hood
    The Hood can be a tough contender. His Invisibility makes him dangerous to even attack but he Bleeds and Poisons just as easily as any mere human. This makes him perfectly susceptible to Neurotoxins, and it does feel good to watch him throw his second Special Attack, only to remain perfectly visible!

    Weak Match-Ups

    Vision is kind of the poster boy, err machine, for Archangel to avoid. His immunity to both Poison and Bleed effects will mean Archangel will have difficulty using his abilities to any great effect.

    Cable’s Degeneration is going to be up 24/7, his Poison reduction passive will quickly get to full charge giving him a Special Attack Damage bonus, while leaving no window to convert Neurotoxins. All in all, bad day for Archangel!

    Archangel needs to use his Special Attacks to apply Poisons aggressively, otherwise he has to wait for his opponent to hit him. Meanwhile Yellowjacket loves when his opponents are reliant on their Specials!
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    Psylocke - Originally Posted 03-16-2017

    Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock’s telepathic and telekinetic mutant powers were unlocked when she was mind-controlled by Dr. Synne, and Mastermind. When she was captured by the evil Hand her soul was forcibly transferred into the body and mind of a deadly ninja warrior. Now a powerful mutant hero, and a skilled assassin, Psylocke is willing to utilize her deadly abilities on her on her own terms, and without hesitation when she believes it’s necessary.

    Base Stats & Abilities
    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 13455
    Attack: 1159
    Max PI:
    Without Signature: 3649
    With Signature (99): 4506

    Basic Abilities: Power Drain, Power Lock, Power Burn, Stun

    Passive: Gain 25% less Power from striking your opponent.

    Passive: Gain up to 1333 bonus Critical Damage Rating the lower your opponent’s current Power.

    Your opponent doesn’t gain Power when struck if they have 0 Power, and Psylocke has at least 1 Psi-Charge.
    Every 5 hits Psylocke lands on an Opponent with 0 Power, she gains a Psi-Charge.
    Each time her opponent fills a bar of Power, Psylocke gains a Psi-Charge.
    Each time Psylocke is struck by an opponent they consume a Psi-Charge instantly gaining up to 50% additional Power.

    Heavy Attacks: This attack consumes all Psi-Charges, dealing 869 Energy Damage per charge consumed.

    Special 1: Telekinetic Blade - Psylocke manifests a telekinetic blade, using it in tandem with her Katana.
    Depletes up to 25% of the Target’s Max Power.
    If this attack causes your opponent’s Power to be reduced over a Special Attack bar threshold, Psylocke will Gain Power until she reaches 1 Bar of Power over 0.25 seconds.

    Special 2: Psionic Blast - Psylocke unleashes her Telepathic abilities in a blast of raw psionic energy.
    100% Chance to Power Lock your opponent for 6 seconds.
    If this attack hits, Psylocke has a 100% chance to consume 1 Psi-Charge, and gain 34% Power over 0.25 seconds.

    Special 3: Psionic Knife Strike - Psylocke focuses all of her power into a single psychic blade, plunging into her opponent’s brain.
    Consumes all Psi-Charges
    100% chance to Power Lock your opponent for 10 seconds.
    Burns 20% of your Target’s Power for each Psi-Charge consumed, causing direct damage based on the amount burned.
    If this attack reduces your opponent to 0 Power, it Stuns them for 4.5 seconds.

    Signature Ability - Psi-Feedback:
    Psylocke’s psionically empowered strikes can disrupt her opponent’s nervous system reducing their Defensive Ability Accuracy by 65% when they have 0 Power.
    Gain up to 857 bonus Critical Damage Rating the lower your opponent’s current Power.

    Synergy Bonuses

    Archangel - Romance - All Champions gain +5% Power Gain
    Storm - Teammates - All Champions gain +5% Perfect Block
    Rogue - Teammates - All Champions gain +5% Perfect Block

    Recommended Masteries:

    Glass Cannon
    Psylocke gets in trouble quickly if she starts taking hits while she’s carrying lots of Psi-Charges. Glass Cannon doesn’t actually make things all the much worse for her as she needs to be in control of the fight anyway. However, she benefits a lot by
    increasing her Attack as it gets multiplied by her big Critical Damage Rating.

    Psylocke gets most of her damage from Critical Hits, so increasing the effectiveness of this is good. She also lacks a way to remove powerful Armor effects, so bypassing a portion of that Armor can be very beneficial.

    Psylocke brings lots of natural Critical Damage Rating, but her chance to land that critical hit in the first place is only average. Anything that can be done to increase the number of critical hits she lands, will work out well for her.

    Strong Matchups:

    Wolverine/ Wolverine (X-23)
    When facing Wolverine and X-23, most of the same challenges present themselves and Psylocke is well equipped to deal with them. She wants to keep her opponent’s Power as low as possible (ideally 0) which drastically reduces the amount of health that Wolverine regains per Regeneration triggered. Also, once her Signature Ability is unlocked, she reduces the chance to even trigger a Regeneration in the first place.

    Captain Marvel
    Somewhat similar to Wolverine and X-23, Captain (and Ms.) Marvel want to build lots of Power to maximize their Signature bonus. Psylocke directly combats this with all sorts of Power Lock/Drain/Burn, keeping them from hitting too hard.

    Magik is tough on defense in a big part because of Limbo. Limbo is most effective when triggered by an attack that pushes her across a Power threshold, and Psylocke is great at keeping this from happening. If she can get her locked in at 0 Power, she has the potential to take Limbo out of the fight from then on.

    Weak Matchups:

    Vision’s Signature Ability, and Hyperion’s Cosmic Charges are both examples of abilities that Psylocke will have to be careful around. While her ability to attack without granting Power can be very powerful, it is vulnerable to Power Gains as it turns off as soon as one triggers.

    Civil Warrior
    Civil Warrior’s ability to lower Offensive Ability Accuracy can disrupt Psylocke’s ability to strike without granting Power, and it only takes one hit without that ability to start giving the Opponent Power.

    It’s all about that Evade with Spider-Man isn’t it? Psylocke has to be extra careful around Evading Champions, as her ability to deny Power is one directional. If Spider-Man Evades an attack and Psylocke doesn’t react quickly enough, he’ll land a hit, and she’ll have to get him setup back at 0 Power all over again. This swings more in Psylocke’s favor once her Signature Ability is unlocked, but it still only takes one slip up.
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    ICEMAN - Originally Posted 03-29-2017

    Iceman enters The Contest March 30th at 10AM PDT!
    About Iceman:
    Iceman aka Robert “Bobby” Drake, was the second, and youngest, member of the original X-men team. His mutant powers give him the ability to radically lower his internal and external temperatures, convert his body into organic ice, and also freeze any moisture in the air around him. When he was temporarily possessed by the powerful telepath Emma Frost she unleashed powers within Bobby far greater than he had accessed himself. Performing new feats such as freezing fluids inside another person’s body, and quickly traveling great distances as a liquid, solid, or gas, Iceman works towards a greater mastery of his powers and there’s no telling where his true limits lie.

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 15964
    Attack: 1131
    Max PI:
    Without Signature: 3531
    With Signature (99): 4421
    Passive – Organic Ice

    Iceman’s Organic Ice form grants him full immunity to all Incinerate, Bleed, and Poison effects.
    Passive – Ice Armor

    Iceman begins the fight with a layer of Ice Armor active, increasing his Armor Rating by 666.67
    If Iceman would lose more than 5% of his Max Health from a single source, his Ice Armor protects him from the blow, reducing the health loss to 5%, then it shatters.
    If Iceman would become Stunned while his Ice Armor is active, the Ice Armor negates the effect, then shatters.
    Once shattered, Ice Armor takes 15 seconds to reform.
    Critical Hits:

    45% chance to place a Frostbite charge on the opponent. Frostbite charges are Passive and deal 961.35 Energy Damage when they expire.
    Heavy Attacks

    This attack causes all Frostbite charges to expire instantly and deal an additional 282.72 Energy Damage each.
    Special 1: Chill Out – A quick blast of icy air to help the opponent cool off.

    Places a Coldsnap on the opponent, dealing 1639.95 Energy Damage over 9 seconds. Opponents under a Coldsnap cannot Evade attacks.
    This attack stores up to 2 Frostbite charges on the opponent.
    Special 2: Blizzard – An icy blast to hold them in place just long enough to rain down icicles from above.

    Iceman converts his Ice Armor into additional mass for his projectiles, gaining 1696.5 additional Attack rating for the duration of the attack, at the cost of shattering his Ice Armor.
    Special 3: Ice to Meet You – Iceman freezes his opponent in place before giving them the cold shoulder.

    Places a Coldsnap on the opponent, dealing 2092.35 Energy Damage over 9 seconds. Opponents under a Coldsnap cannot Evade attacks.
    This attack instantly reforms Ice Armor
    Signature Ability – Absolute Zero: Iceman harnesses his Cyrokinesis to chill the air around him to freezing temperatures. This causes his opponent to start the fight with a Coldsnap active, dealing 2431.83 Energy Damage over 12 seconds and preventing them from Evading attacks. Additionally, Iceman can reform his Ice Armor 3 seconds faster.

    Synergy Bonuses

    Magneto or Hyperion: Enemies – (All Champions gain +155 to Critical Rating)
    Ghost Rider or Black Widow: Teammates – (All Champions gain +5% Perfect Block Chance)
    Spider-Man: Rivals – (All Champions gain +115 Critical Damage Rating)
    Recommended Masteries:

    Liquid Courage/Double Edge

    Iceman benefits greatly from the bonus to his Attack, while avoiding all of the disadvantages of these two Masteries due to his Immunities.
    Physical/Energy Resistance

    Both Resistances provide additional damage reduction which combines nicely with his natural Armor bonus from Ice Armor. While avoiding doubling down on one Attribute to minimize the effect of the diminishing returns curve.

    Iceman has a chance to place a Frostbite on his opponent each time he lands a Critical Hit. His Heavy Attack also detonates all active Frostbites for even more damage, allowing him to benefit twice for each Critical Hit.
    Strong Match-ups:

    Iceman’s Coldsnap provides him a window to attack Spider-Man without having to worry about his Evade, as well as doing damage over time to the webslinger. His Ice Armor also provides protection if webhead manages to land his Special Two Attack.

    Ice Armor provides a respectable defence from the God of Thunder. It allows Iceman to ignore a Stun effect, avoiding Thor’s Ragnarok Armor Break, or if the timing is correct, to protect against the big hit that follows.
    Agent Venom/Crossbones

    Both of these Skill Champions surrender Class Advantage to the mutant Iceman. They also both have abilities to remove debuff effects from themselves, however, this won’t help against Iceman’s Frostbite which is a Passive.
    Weak Match-ups:

    Doctor Voodoo
    While Iceman is immune to his Poison, he’s not immune to the Nullify. Doctor Voodoo also has his Power Burn to fall back on for extra damage, and his Regeneration at the start to counter Iceman’s Coldsnap. This combines with his Power Drain to make sure that Iceman doesn’t get another Coldsnap on him for the rest of the fight.

    Hyperion’s naturally high Energy Resistance reduces the amount of damage he takes from Coldsnaps, and of course he doesn’t care about the Evade reduction. His Regeneration ability is also useful for healing up the damage he did take from Coldsnap right at the end of the fight.

    Civil Warrior
    With Class Advantage to give him a boost to his damage, and his ability to reduce Offensive Ability Accuracy to limit the number of Coldsnaps and Frostbites he takes, Civil Warrior makes a good match against Iceman. Once both their Signature Abilities are unlocked, the Armor Ups that Civil Warrior starts with gives him a chance to avoid the Frostbite that Iceman triggers at the start of the fight.
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    ANGELA - Originally Posted 04-12-2017

    Angela enters The Contest April 13th at 10AM PDT!
    About Angela:
    Leader of the Hunt, Guardian of the Galaxy, Queen of Hel, Angel, Goddess. Angela is a woman of many titles. Born Aldrif Odinsdottir, the first child of Freyja and Odin, but raised as Angela by Loriel, handmaiden to the Queen of Angels, she has battled her way across the Galaxy. Now Angela has come to the Contest, perhaps the greatest challenge of martial skill and strength to be found in the Nine Realms, and beyond.

    Base Stats & Abilities:

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 13835
    Attack: 1199
    Max PI:
    Without Signature: 3637
    With Signature (99): 4365
    Basic Abilities: Fury, Armor Up, Precision, Regeneration


    For each 10% of Max Health taken in damage, immediately gain a Resilience counter.
    When below 100% Max Health without an active Regeneration Buff, convert a Resilience counter into a Regeneration Buff, recovering 691.75 Health over 10 seconds.

    Angela gains a Buff based on her current Power level.
    Each time Angela lands a Critical Hit she duplicates the Buff she’s being granted by her current Power level. This Buff has a Duration of 15 seconds, and a maximum of 1 stack(s) of each Buff can be Duplicated.
    Less than Special 1: Armor Up increasing Armor Rating by 666.67
    Special 1: Fury increasing Attack by 899.25
    Special 2: Precision increasing Critical Rating by 2000
    Special 3 : Aptitude increasing the effect of all Fury, Armor, and Precision Buffs by 50%.
    Heavy Attack

    This attack receives 2000 additional Critical Rating.
    Special 1: Sword of the Stars – Angela unleashes a powerful series of strikes with her sword Xiphos.

    100% chance for Fury, increasing your Attack by 899.25 for 5 seconds.
    If there is already a Fury active on Angela, this effects lasts for 20 seconds instead.
    Special 2: Blades of Ichor – Angela dashes forward to employ the Blades separated, before combining them to strike again.

    100% chance to Armor Up, increasing Armor Rating by 666.67 for 5 seconds.
    If there is already an Armor Up active on Angela, this effects lasts for 20 seconds instead.
    Special 3: Martial Mastery – Angela strikes with the Sword of the Stars forcing her opponent back, before drawing the Blades of Ichor to finish them.

    Angela’s Attack is increased by 599.5 for each Buff active on her during this attack.
    Signature Ability – Battle Focus
    As Angela enters combat she gains greater and greater focus, allowing each Buff active on her to reduce all Nullify abilities chance to trigger against her by 25%.

    Synergy Bonuses:

    Rocket Raccoon or Star-Lord – Friends – (All Champions gain +130 Armor Rating)
    Gamora or Groot – Friends – (All Champions gain +130 Armor Rating)
    Thor – Family – (All Champions gain +6% Health)
    Loki – Family – (All Champions gain +6% Health)
    Recommended Masteries:

    Angela’s Resilience ability allows her to Regenerate a portion of the damage she’s taken this fight. Recovery enhances this Regeneration keeping her in the fight longer.

    Enhanced Fury
    Angela can stack several Furies at the same time, and then increase their effectiveness even further with her Aptitude buffs. Doing so will raise her damage output immensely!

    Angela has the ability to stack several Precision Buffs. This greatly increases her Critical Hit rate, which makes the return for increasing her Critical Damage Rating very high.
    Strong Match-Ups:

    Civil Warrior
    Angela matches up quite well against Civil Warrior. She doesn’t suffer much from reduced Offensive Ability Accuracy, and while the Heal Block can be annoying, she gains much more from the Attack bonus due to Class Advantage.

    Angela gets up and personal with her opponents. Her damage output is all Physical so she doesn’t have to worry about Ultron’s Absorption, and he can’t do anything about her stacking up Buffs.

    Angela’s control over which Buffs she holds allows her to stack most of her damage behind Furies, which allows her to hit hard in spite of Ant-Man’s Pym Gas Control Signature Ability, and Fatigue Debuffs.

    Weak Match-Ups:

    The Hood
    While Angela has very few ranged abilities to worry about Invisibility, it’s The Hood’s Fate Seal she’ll want to avoid. Unlike a regular Nullify ability, her Signature Ability won’t protect her from it.

    Ronan loves attacking Buffed targets, and Angela almost can’t do anything but stack Buffs. If she’s hit by a well timed Ronan Special Attack, she will find herself Stunned for quite some time.

    With no way to prematurely remove Juggernaut’s Unstoppable Buffs, combined with his Class Advantage, Angela can find herself with her back against the wall. To make matters worse, her Signature Ability only triggers against straight up Nullifies, which is no help against Stagger.
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    KING GROOT - Originally Posted 04-26-2017

    King Groot enters The Contest April 27th at 10AM PDT!

    About King Groot:
    Rising from under the canopy of a mysterious alien forest, Groot, the invincible master of plants and King of Planet X conquers all! This savage and ferocious monster from a parallel universe never met Rocket or joined the Guardians, instead he became a galactic warlord and experimented on captured humans. But now, the ruthless King’s mission has been interrupted by the Collector, and he has set his sights on a new goal: hoarding all of the abundant treasure and power The Contest has to offer!

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 19,917
    Attack: 833
    Max PI:
    Without Signature: 3510
    With Signature (99): 4514
    Passive – Fury

    King Groot begins each fight with 2 Fury Buffs, each increasing his Attack by 241 for 12 seconds.
    Each time King Groot receives a Debuff, he shrugs it off after 0.5 seconds at the cost of 1 Fury Buff.
    When King Groot loses his last Fury Buff, he enters a Cool Down state for 16 seconds. While in Cool Down, each attack thrown or suffered has a 9% chance to cause King Groot to store 1 Fury charge.
    When King Groot’s Cool Down ends, he immediately gains 2 Fury Buffs, plus any additional charges he gained from throwing or receiving attacks during his Cool Down state.
    Passive – Bleed Immunity

    A lack of blood provides full immunity to Bleeding.
    Special 1: Floral Ferocity – The monarch of Planet X smashes his opponent into the unforgiving Earth with two mighty slams.

    90% chance to Armor Break the target, reducing Armor by 272 for 8 seconds. If King Groot has a Fury Buff, he consumes it to make the Armor Break permanent. [Max: 9 Stacks]
    Special 2: Internal Toxicity – King Groot pours forth a toxic wave of plant-based venoms.

    100% chance to Poison the opponent, dealing 1666 direct damage over 8 seconds. If King Groot has a Fury Buff, he consumes it to apply an additional Poison effect.
    Special 3: Savagery Unleashed – King Groot sends out his plant material to envelope his opponent and crush them.

    King Groot overloads his floral cells to gain a Regeneration Buff, recovering 1991 Health over 3 seconds. If King Groot has a Fury Buff, he consumes it to increase the duration of the Regeneration by 50%.
    Signature Ability – Unyielding Might

    Whenever King Groot falls into Cool Down, he immediately begins to focus on rapidly repairing his cellular damage, granting him a Regeneration Buff and recovering 2439 Health over the duration of the Cool Down.
    Synergy Bonuses

    Venom or Abomination – Friends – (All Champions gain +130 Armor Rating)
    Hulk – Enemies – (All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating)
    Groot – Enemies – (All Champions gain +115 Critical Rating)
    Recommended Masteries

    Recovery & Enhanced Fury
    King Groot is constantly triggering Fury and Regeneration Buffs throughout the fight. He will almost always have one or the other if he’s awakened. Grabbing these two masteries will empower both of these effects, allowing King Groot to put in some extra hurt and recover more lost health.
    Through the use of his permanent Armor Break effects, King Groot can make good use of the inequity Mastery, especially for longer fights. By launching several Armor Breaks, King Groot can not only increase his damage output, but he can also weaken his opponent and give himself more time in the fight to use his regeneration effects.
    Strong Match-Ups

    Iron Man, Iron Patriot
    In addition to a class advantage, King Groot has access to frequent Armor Break effects to counter these Champions’ Armor Up Buffs. Through careful timing, King Groot can also plant 2 poison effects on these Champions as they’re about to hit their Arc Overload, thus weakening their regeneration effects.
    Black Panther, Deadpool (X-Force), Wolverine
    These Champions are very reliant on consistent Bleed effects for their damage output, which King Groot is immune to. They also lack the ability to deal with either King Groot’s Fury or Regeneration Buffs, giving him the advantage the longer the fight goes on.
    Daredevil, Captain America (WWII)
    These Champions rely on very few but strong Debuffs during combat, which King Groot can easily shrug off. Additionally, these Champions lack any means of protecting themselves from King Groot’s Armor Break and Poison Debuffs.
    Weak Match-Ups

    Strange, The Hood, Dormammu
    In addition to a class advantage, these Champions have reliable and powerful nullifying effects, allowing them to rip down King Groot’s Fury and Regeneration Buffs and deny him the majority of his strength.
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    NEBULA - Originally Posted 05-10-2017

    Nebula enters The Contest May 11th at 10AM PDT!
    About Nebula:
    Cybernetically enhanced at birth and trained to win at all costs, Nebula is one of the Mad Titan Thanos’ two adopted daughters and harbors a hatred of her sister, Gamora after a personal bout left her broken and reeling. Now she has been brought back from the brink of death and seeks vengeance against Gamora, but her journey to exact justice on her sister may reveal more about herself than she expected…

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 14,596
    Attack: 1,216
    Max PI:
    Without Signature: 3564
    With Signature (99): 4189

    Nebula starts the fight with 2 Self-Repair charges that activate when the opponent deals more than 110% of their Attack in a single hit, repairing the damage over 5 seconds. If Stunned during her Self-Repair, the Repair stops.
    Ability Accuracy of Robots is reduced by 20% per active Electroshock Charge.
    Advanced Robotics provides full immunity to Poison and Bleed effects.
    Hold Block

    Charges her weapon, generating a passive Electroshock charge every 0.9 seconds.
    Well-Timed Block

    Nebula spends all Electroshock charges to Shock her opponent, dealing 486.4 Energy Damage over 6 seconds.
    Heavy Attack

    Shocks her opponent, dealing 486.4 Energy Damage over 6 seconds.
    Special 1: Electric Encore – Striking first with her electroshock batons, Nebula then forms them into a staff for a devastating second strike.

    Inflicts Power Lock, severing the targets flow of Power for 1 second per active Shock Debuff on the opponent.
    Inflicts Power Drain, depleting up to 3.5% of the target’s max Power per Shock Debuff on the opponent.
    Special 2: Shock and Awe – Nebula puts some space between her and her opponent before unleashing a concentrated burst of electricity.

    Doubles the amount of Shock Debuffs on the opponent, dealing 972.8 Energy Damage per Shock Debuff over 6 seconds.
    Special 3: Galaxy-Class Killer – Death by a thousand cuts, faster than you can bat an eye.

    Nebula overcharges her power generator for 10 seconds, inflicting Shock when in contact with the opponent, dealing 486.4 Energy Damage over 3 seconds.
    Signature Ability – Cybernetic Enhancements

    When Nebula is out of Self-Repair charges, she tries to recalibrate her implants, granting her a 80.18% chance to regain a charge every 10 seconds.
    Synergy Bonuses

    Star-Lord or Rocket Raccoon – Enemies – (All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating)
    Drax – Enemies – (All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating)
    Thanos or Gamora – Family – (All Champions gain +6% Health)
    Gamora – Rivals – (All Champions gain +90 Critical Rating)
    Recommended Masteries

    While the Salve Mastery requirement won’t work on Nebula as she is classified as a Robot, the Recovery Mastery will increase the Potency of Nebula’s Self-Repair charges, giving her some much needed survivability.

    The effects of Parry and Nebula’s Electroshock transfer ability stack together and have similar activation windows. Adding this Mastery can help train anyone who’s unfamiliar with the timing of a well-timed block.
    Strong Match-Ups

    Wolverine, Wolverine (X-23), Deadpool
    In addition to a class advantage, Nebula is also immune to the Bleed effects of these Champions. Additionally, these Champions are reliant on their Power meter to charge their Regeneration effects. With Power Lock and Power Drain on Special 1, Nebula can keep their Power levels low and their Regeneration effects weak.

    Ultron & Vision
    Nebula can reduce the Ability Accuracy of these Champions with her unique ability, as long as she keeps up the Shock charges on them. These Champions also do not possess any strong Energy Resistance or the ability to get rid of the Debuffs.
    Weak Match-Ups

    Thor (Jane Foster) & Agent Venom
    Jane Foster has a large amount of Energy Resistance which helps her resist any of Nebula’s Shock effects. In addition, Jane Foster has access to a Stun ability or Stagger to interrupt Nebula’s Self-Repair. Agent Venom, meanwhile, has a very good chance to shrug off Nebula’s Shocks and deny her Power Drain and Power Lock effects.
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