Enlistment system

Anybody else think it would be nice to see this new AW Enlistment system used for AQ as well? Anytime during the 3-day off period, you can sign up for the map you want to run for day 1 so it starts as soon as AQ begins. Anytime during day 1, you can enlist for day 2 so day 2 begins as soon as day 1 ends, etc. Also, just like the AW enlistment, it could allow you to cancel an enlistment before the next day begins to make changes if you decide on a different map or something. The only difference between AW and AQ enlistment should be that you don’t completely miss out on a whole day of AQ if you don’t enlist before the start of the AQ week or before the previous AQ day ends.


  • xNigxNig Posts: 5,849 ★★★★★
    That would be nice.
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 6,145 Guardian
    edited February 2019
    Yes, an AUTO-START for AQ would be nice. Not necessarily forced to the earliest 3pm EST time, but either where you can select a starting time or at least make it auto-start the rest of the days based on when you first manually start day-1. And like AW, anytime during existing day you would be able to choose your # of BG's and which Maps they will be for that next day.

    Or even better would be to allow an overall maximum AQ series window of 5 day’s + 8 hrs. So if an alliance likes a starting time of 8pm EST, their final day does not get cut short (every day would still be limited to 24 hrs for that days AQ)
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