14mil ally - gold 2 - aq 80mil+

LF active players after AW season ends who have the roster to handle AQ and AW at same time. We are a fairly older alliance (couple college kids) and are highly sarcastic. We are a upper end gold 2 ally. AQ set up we run maps 5, 4, 3 everyday to allow some freedom based on schedules hit 80+ mil milestone (around 2500 glory, full t4b, greater glory crystals, map5/6 crystals). We have some low event minimums and donations are low for what we run(50k, 4k, 3k). We are a good ally for someone wanting to slow down but not retire. Or someone who has out-paced their current alliance and needs to step it up. Line is required and we value communication. IGN and Line ID: Audenll
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