Scarlet Witch, Dr.Strange, Black Widow and OG Thor

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Before the 12.0 happened I was told these 4 champions were the answer to different content with the game. When I started to play the game in jan 2018 and few months down the line I used to get horribly beaten by Scarlet witch whenever I faced her as boss and to think she was way more powerful before boggles me coz sw is good even now. What were Dr. Strange, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and Thor OG like? I know many of you are sad to see what they have become. But after seeing videos of the current Gods and the previous gods of the past it surprises me that 4 star SW and Thor were equivalent to a maxed 6 or 7 star.


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    Thor could stack armor break and deal massive damage.
    Dr Strange got power faster and his ability to regain health was off the charts.
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    Check their videos on YouTube before nerf
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    Check out the vid of thor beating RoL WS in 10 hits. Keep in mind this is a 5/50 4* champ... r5 5* champs have over double the attack of max 4* champs.
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    You used to be able to stack more than 2 armor breaks with OG Thor and his damage was off the charts. It was tough to stack more than 2 armor breaks, but I think there were some ROL videos of Thor one-shotting an ROL champ with an L3 with some stacked armor breaks.

    If you had DS's timing down you could regen health pretty easily. I think if they just added time to his phases, it would've taken him out of the world of god-tier. They nerfed him with extreme prejudice.

    BW's L2 was a destroyer. I use her all the time. My biggest beef with her nerf is that I never see her crit during specials even with the precision and cruelty buffs up.

    SW had a lot of her teeth removed. At sig level 99, crit hits were supposed to almost guarantee a beneficial effect trigger. Now, I think it's an 85% chance. They also lessened the chance for regen to get triggered (which should have alerted everyone to the fact that the RNG in the game is weighted for most game mechanics).

    People that have built their rosters around Blade might get to see how a game-wide nerf feels when the drive for new champs falls off to a certain point.
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    If u ask me kabam did very wrong with them

    They said they were too OP

    And then they went release Hyperion, Iceman, Blade.. and on and on and on

    DS sucks now, he was the MVP and now nobody uses him anymore, he could be a great counter to Korg
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    Yeah for OG Thor, Armor break worked differently back then which made it a lot more powerful than it is today. Even though he is super nerfed I still love using him he can do some massive damage. I hope they release a 5* version of him cause that damage would be insane.
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    Think theirs an argument that newer champs introduced after the mega nerf have exceeded the old gods in both damage and healing so...

    remember all the old gods were only 4* champs. These videos we see of ghost or domino are all r5 5*s with double suicides. The attack stats are triple than what they had.
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    I agree that Thor and SW where OP, no new champ can compare to those two back then! a maxed out 4* Thor could literally take 500k health in 9 hits... and SW it wasnt even fun using her.. perma stun, perma powerlock, perma regen. it didnt take any skills at all!!

    But nerfing DS that was just the worst!! You had to have skills to actually use him, he was a God yes but he would fit so perfectly into it all, and lets not forget they released Hyperion shortly after all this.

    But its not just the Gods of that time that felt the almighty Nerf hammer.. so many champs fell victim, my boo Rocket got nerfed significantly, iron fist! Ultron. its sad really
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    SW used to often keep the enemy stunned and power locked the entire fight. She would proc stacked regen and become unkillable. Stack a few debuffs and fire off massive sp2 damage. She was amazing
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    SW with a crit team at 99 sig would laugh at all content. Chain stun and power lock. Regen with stacking crit and fury and she would end fights once you hit her sp2. Then throw MD at 5 on top of that and you could launch an sp2 after every couple hits against certain champs. I regularly dropped 50k sp2's with her.

    Thor was the OG king of the contest. He was a one shot killer. Stack 4 armor breaks on parry stun and launch an sp3.... it wasn't even fair. But boy was it fun. He was useless against stun immune though.

    AW used to be alliance wars of BW. Her sig ability at 99 shut down nearly everything. Everyone.... and I mean everyone was using a 99 sig BW for attack before 12.0 update. I ran Pure Skill at 5 just for her on attack in AW. Her sp2 destroyed.

    Strange was really good, guys did wonders with him. He was the first champ that took skill to use properly. It was a timing thing and getting in a groove. Not a heavy hitter, but you could clear anything with him. I always preferred SW over the Doctor.
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    Have you seen Corvus with charges or Ghost with her synergies.. these two are just like the character base to content difficulty back then
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  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 6,106 ★★★★★
    Cranmer00 wrote: »
    Have you seen Corvus with charges or Ghost with her synergies.. these two are just like the character base to content difficulty back then

    Not really. OG ones were powerful out the box. CG needs the charges and is limited to 20 before he becomes a wet noodle. CG isn't a game breaker and struggles with high health pools Ghost needs synergies. SW and Thor didn't. CG cant take WS in RoL in 10 hits like Thor.
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    Used to pair Witch with al all CritRating synergy team (think the max team gave 5 stacks of CritRate). Can still do that (although game changed to “diminishing returns” lowering how high of CritRate can actually be achieved now ?), but they severely cutdown not only her Regen chance but also her Stun chance, so even when buffs/debuffs proc they are most likely not those two.

    DrStrange used to heal based on how much damage you did during that timeframe (so could do your SP's and Heavies to heal higher), now it is a flat amount per “hit” (and I believe SP3 only counts as a single hit).

    But OGThor I can sort of see why they capped his ArmorBreak to 2x. Before they added Parry to Masteries you would only be able to stun opponents using your own SP attacks, so really could only ever achieve 2-stacks if you timed a back-2-back SP, and even then the 2nd one's damage was itself only under the 1st Break (only hits afterward would have benefitted from 2nd Break). After they added Parry, people were able to get 3 or 4 (think I saw a video against Maestro of 5 Breaks once ?) and then take out a boss like Maestro with a single SP.
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