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Expert Class catalyst Daily quest - for whom is it designed?

I'd like to talk about this because Expert difficulty for t4 class catalyst fragments is now an option for a while and while it seemed like a nice addition from Kabam at first, after months of day-to-day playing this game, I found out I've never ever played it. Why? Because there simple is never enough time.

So I'm asking - for whom was that actually designed?

Let's sum it up:
Those daily quests require 4 energy per tile. That's actually insane, because except some rare, occasional events (eg Trials - but even that only for higher difficulties), this makes daily quests the most expensive event possible (if we talking energy cost).
If I counted it correctly, total cost for 100% Expert ccdq is 116 energy.
Who can possibly afford to spend half of the day worth of energy for 1500 t4cc fragments? There is so much content in the game (which is a good thing!) like Monthly EQ, occasional events like Trials etc. This game is now playable all day long even without daily quest. Now I get it - those DQ were not designed to be main source of t4cc and that's all right. But given the situation, if I want some extra and I don't want to sacrifice other content running for limited time, I would actually need to buy energy refill every day just to do DQ. And maybe even that would be alright, okay? You want extra, you spend extra, okay... But then it cannot be that I need to spend some extra EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR 25 WEEKS to actually get 1 single t4cc out of it, I mean, come on Kabam, that's not balanced even a little bit.
If I apply math where 1 energy costs 0,43 unit (30 units per 70 energy refill), then 1 t4cc will cost me extra 1250 units. For 1 t4cc in 25 weeks of waiting.

Suggestion here is pretty clear: Energy cost needs to be reduced. If not in general, then at least for Uncollected players. Makes sense since those players are usually playing the most advanced difficulty of other events which are also more energy expensive and those players are also the ones who care only for t4cc of all tiers of class catalysts now, as T4 are the only relevant now - in other words Expert DQ is actually meant to be for them, yet especially for them it's not energy-managable. Fix this nonsense.


  • MMCskippyMMCskippy Posts: 352 ★★
    100% agree!!!
  • Vdh2008Vdh2008 Posts: 966 ★★★★
    There are a few places in the game where the "cost" to reward ratio is off. This is one of them for sure. If they want to keep the 4 energy per tile, they need to up the reward and give more fragments of the T4C.
  • ON12355ON12355 Posts: 144 ★★
    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see the energy cost being reduced for all those daily catalyst quests.
    But it's not like they're the only way to obtain t4cc. And since that's not the case your cute little math here is providing an extremely flawed picture.
    Although it's not like kabam wouldn't try to sell us 1 t4cc for 1250 units. And it's not like people wouldn't buy it.

    Which part of " I get it - those DQ were not designed to be main source of t4cc and that's all right." you didn't understand? :neutral: Because otherwise you totally missed my point. I know Kabam can be greedy, I know people can buy ridiculous deals, but this quests are so off the balance my concern is - Is anyone actually playing them? I'd be really interested to know whats the average number of those quests finished for example in a month per player.
  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 7,114 ★★★★★
    I do it each day. Every little bit helps a player like me. I don't likely play at the same level you do, and I don't have a ton of better options for farming T4 cat fragments. My alliance is AQ focused, so that produces a good bit, but the daily expert quest supplements that. If I was only using the daily quest alone to farm this, it would take forever, but combined with AQ it works well enough.

    I do the DPG expert level every day as well for the T4 basic frags.

    Whether you like my plan or not, I can attest that my roster has improved significantly through the resources I obtain this way, and I'm happy.

    Now, if Kabam wants to juice those rewards, I won't complain...
  • KAT_1982KAT_1982 Posts: 5
    It seems that instead of lowering the energy cost, they've INCREASED the difficulty of play for the daily quest expert level T4 class catalyst...
  • JChanceH9JChanceH9 Posts: 764 ★★★
    edited February 2019
    Agreed. Cats need to be more widely available from the dailies in general. The game has come a long way since those drop rates were relevant.
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