Why do people from the Philippines not play MCoC?

For Crying out loud,

Can anyone from the Philippines play MCoC? I'm getting crazier by the minute. . I feel so . . . alone


  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 7,468 ★★★★★
    Okay I’ll start playing. U live in Manila?
  • Dom_14Dom_14 Posts: 27
    If you type "Pinoy" in the search bar on Alliance, lots of Pinoy/Filipino Alliances pop up haha. Hello from the general area of NCR! :)
  • AkuuIkawAkuuIkaw Posts: 3
    ur not alone
    a lot people from d philippines(including me) played the game since when it started.try chatting rooms aM our time.....
  • VancexClaRiiVancexClaRii Posts: 180
    I believe there are a lot of players I see in chatbox :smiley:
  • VancexClaRiiVancexClaRii Posts: 180
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    From Davao here :smiley: I may not be an "Ancient One" but i've been playing it for more than a year now and have been Uncollected since December.

  • CeeJayCeeJay Posts: 13
    There is also a facebook group for MCoC Philippines.. You could find more Filipino players from there.
  • aldee41aldee41 Posts: 4
    yes i believe maraming Filipino players
  • I am a filipino, actually there's a lot of filipino summoners.
  • psp742psp742 Posts: 1,529 ★★★★
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    I’m in the US, used to be active in Clash of Clans.. I am the only Asian in my current MCOC alliance.. sa tingin ko maraming Pinoy naglalaro, Hindi lang nakapaskil na ‘Pinoy ako’.
  • I'm filipino, actually there's a lot of filipinos out there who plays mcoc
  • aldee41aldee41 Posts: 4
    Nag start ako December 2018.
  • I'm Filipino (pinay,)
    Buang mga Indian kase sila magaling din sila MAGTAGALOG e yung Filipino pure as in pure kaya ginagawa ko kinakausap ko sila nang tagalog..HAHA hindi na nila naiintindihan..
  • helo mga kabayan, bago lang ako sa game, baka pede naman sumali sa alliance nyo summoner lvl 38, mababa palang kakaumpisa ko palang. name ko >>> L-pia shanghai
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