MIG Recruiting! Gold 1 Top 250 AQ

Currently looking for 4 new players. We like to see ourselves as a fun group who also get things done. Life can get in the way sometimes but as long as there is communication there is a way.

For AQ 1 BG does map 6, the other 2 do map 5. We usually rank top 140-180.
In AW (Tier 4) we place in Gold1 comfortably, but constantly looking to push up to Plat3.

We are looking for people who can succesfully clear their path in AW, path 7/6, 1 or has experience with multiple paths.
Activity and communication is important as well as being a team player and simply being friendly. Just be a good person and you'll fit right in!
For events we have no strict minimums unless points are looking to be short in which case everyone will have to jump in.

For any further details please add me on line: Supervlinder


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