**Mastery Loadouts**
Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
The new end date will be May 1st.

Lords of Destruction [LordD] is recruiting! 15mil Rating, 2031 War Rating, 55555, CONSISTENT Gold 1.

So another War Season has come to an end and a few of our members are retiring. Now it is time to replace them. Such is life.
Let our hassle be your opportunity!

Lords of Destruction [LordD]:
  • Mature, active players
  • Rated 15,372,795
  • War Rating 2031
  • Use Line
  • Finish War Seasons Gold 1 EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Tier 5.
    (the only thing holding us back is turnover between seasons)
  • Run AQ Map 55555.
    (we may try doing Map 6 in 1 BG if ability & interest is there)
  • Only event minimum is 15k in Completion Event
    (although we encourage activity in all)
  • No piloting or funny business.

  • Mature & active
  • Level 60 , Rated 400k (or dang close)
  • Use Line
  • Have experience with Map 5 and can handle a path through day 5, even if AW is running concurrently
    (ability to handle a miniboss a big plus)
  • Have experience with AW Tier 5 or harder (Challenger+) and can handle a path through final miniboss, even if AQ is also running
    (ability to handle a miniboss a plus)
  • Meet 15k Completion Event minimum without being asked.
  • Make your Donations on time without being asked (134k Gold, 30k BCs & 13k Loyalty)
  • Have a clean account - you're the original owner, nobody has your password, nobody has completed or ever will complete stuff for you, you don't use 3rd party software, you don't bot arena, you don't use hacks or buy funny Units outside of Kabam, or do any other shady stuff. Even if it's not AQ/AW related, it could still come back to bite our Alliance in the @$$.
  • Do your Duels! (just kidding!)
  • Have fun & don't suck.

"HOW can I get more details or get in on this wonderful opportunity?!"

Easiest way: contact our Leader or one of our officers on Line (Hosky {LordD} , Cpt.Fingercuffs or Rupert Fishchips) or in game (Hosky , Cpt.FingerCuffs or Rupert Fishchip)

Not so easy, lazy way: respond to this thread or pm me in these forums (I don't come here often. This is your Hail Mary pass)

I'm not an officer, just a long time member helping out.


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    Pc1988Pc1988 Posts: 10
    My line ID is pcooksley if you want to contact me directly on there (cpt. Fingercuffs in game name)
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    Pc1988Pc1988 Posts: 10
    We have had a great response to this! Only 2 more spaces going. If anyone is interested please act quick!
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    HoskyHosky Posts: 8
    We have an awesome group of guys in this ally. Most of us have been together for a couple years or longer. We would love to have you join us and help take us to that next level. Reach out to day and claim your spot in LordD!

    I am an officer, and I approve this message! LOL
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