5* Korg and/or Iceman rankup

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Recently pulled Korg and Iceman as 5* champs. Neither one awakened and both are at R2. Looking for advice on how far to rank them and if they should be awakened.

I have class Awakening Gems for both and enough stones to take at least one to sig 100.

My established main attackers are:
5/65 Blade
4/55 Voodoo
6* Angela
4/55 Magik (unawakened)
4/55 Hela (unawakened)
6* Yondu

100% explored Act 5. Preparing for my first pass of LOL. Haven't tried Variant yet.

Was planning on taking both to R3 already.

Are either/both of them worth R4+?
Are either/both of them worth awakening?


  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,031 ★★★★★
    edited February 7
    My initial thought is to R4 both, but only awaken Korg. Save the Mutant AG for Domino/Emma/Omega/AA.
  • Ægon0710Ægon0710 Posts: 62
    I agree with you, Iceman is a pretty great character even without the awakening.
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