Need helpnfrom expert symbiote supreme players

I just unlocked this guy as a 4*. Pretty happy since I’ve been waiting to use my 4* mystic gem for a while. I like the look of him and the potential he has to nullify enemy buffs. I’ve seen a bunch of videos on YouTube of him- but I’d rather get some written experience of the best ways to use him from the forums- I would rather commit to memory fellow summoner advice than watch a few videos a lot of times.

What advice can you give me about how to use him best? I see waiting for your special 3 at the start of the fight is best? What do you recommend? Cheers!


  • Fishman13579Fishman13579 Posts: 98
    His best use is against buff heavy champs. Medusa, hyperion,iron man, venompool, his power builds much faster and yes sp3 then spam sp2 if they're still alive.
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