AQ focused Gold 3 alliance looking for 1

We’re taking a bit of focus from AW to focus on AQ this season. Strictly running maps 4-5. We’ve maintained at Gold 3 for the previous 4 seasons but the war burn out had got us so we want to focus on stacking up our roster w AQ rewards.
We’re a pretty laid back alliance but also really competitive. We do have some requirements and low donation. We also value activity the most.
If you’re looking to take a season off war bs and focus on roster growth, then we might have a place for you. Any interest please reach out to me thru Line or CHQ at Jestr54.


  • Jestr54Jestr54 Posts: 345
    We’re still out looking for 1-2 guys to come in.
    We’re scoring 50-60 mill at the moment running 55444.
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