Family of alliances looking for D0RKS

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The D0RKS family of alliances are always looking for Summoners willing to work together and help each other grow. We are each relatively new alliances, all created within the last few months, so we are still going through a few "growing pains" as we get to know each other and build up to the appropriate AW and AQ tiers. As AW seasons come & go and as players try to find the right fit, the number of openings vary from day to day.

The family includes (all spelled with a zero instead of O):
D0RKS - DiggedyDorks
D0RKR - Relaxed
(Note: D0RK5 is NOT a sanctioned ally in the family)

First and foremost, we are chill alliances that do not put pressure on player performance. We play the game and let the results land where they may. We do not kick players for dying in AW. That being said, players need to show up and carry their weight. No one wants a freeloader.

This means:
  • Checking Line chats for any directions/announcements
  • Communicating with officers about things you're uncertain about
  • Communicating any absences or time needed away. Real life comes first, but we have to know about it so we can plan.
  • Joining AW and AQ within the first few hours or as reasonably soon as possible.
  • No negative call-outs in group chat. If you have a problem, take it up with the player or with an officer.

Because we're a family of alliances, we can cater to a wide range of skills, sizes, and time commitments. We do not have size requirements to join, but each ally does perform at certain levels that may be overwhelming for some or insufficient for others. With the exception of D0RKR, each ally runs full-time AW and AQ. Expectations for each are to be at or above Gold 2 rewards levels in AW (Tier 10+), and all run some combination of Maps 3-5 with most expecting to be 5x5 relatively soon (if not already there).

If interested, please post here with your in-game name and/or your Line ID, or reach out to any of the officers in game. Officers are also involved in all of Dave's livestreams on YouTube, feel free to comment there as well. Please note that Dave is rather busy, so it's better to contact any other officer/leader if you want a quick reply.
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