Looking for a chilled but skilled alliance


Hi MCOC community,
I am looking for a chilled but skilled alliance. I would like to be free from the duty call. I like to enjoy the game rather than work for it.
I guarantee that I am skilled and experienced. I prefer to slow down since now.

AQ 3
Game Chat

Hit me up in game.


  • Contact me on line : razorjack0110
  • Friend me in game Momma Bear1
  • I run a silver 1 alliance if interested. Hit me on line

  • BIGT38BIGT38 Posts: 8
    Chill alliance, 10 mill Gold 3 use line run map 4 hit me up
  • Jemster519Jemster519 Posts: 125
    I have a retired alliance that does exactly what you are looking for. No donations or expectations. 2BG wars so you can play some or sit them out. We have the freedom in our alliance to do just that. Sent you an I game friend request.
  • dcb649dcb649 Posts: 16
    Line: dcb649
  • Hey man if interested we run 2 map 4 groups 1 map 3 no donations , 2 3 group wars during the week break on weekends with 2, if interested add me on line @ FearlessLime
  • Our requirements:
    Be active and participate in alliance events.

    Be active and participate in AQ. We are running Map 4-3-2 x 5

    Be active and participate in 3 AWs weekly.
    *we want to be Gold1 at the end of season 8*

    Line app is required!

    No player prestige requirements at this time.

    No activity for 3 days w/o notice and you will be removed from the alliance. Real life takes precedent with us. All we ask, is to let leadership know.

    And above all have fun. This is a game after all.

    Won all 12 of our AWs last season and are looking to keep that streak going for season 8! Message me in game or LINE.
  • DeviantDeviant Posts: 95

    new alliance part of a large group of alliances is looking for new members to fill it up. Looking for young members looking to improve and older members looking to slow down but still move forward. members must be active and communicate . Must use line app . Line Id is deviant_x. In game DEVIANT~SS.
  • jlamadisonjlamadison Posts: 233
  • Supreme_JaySupreme_Jay Posts: 24
    edited February 12
    hey if you are still looking for an alliance let me know...
    IGN: Supreme Jay

    Alliance name: Legends Uprising [LGUR]

    The alliance consists of AQ/AW focused
    We do AQ maps 2/3/4
    AW silver 2 rating (aiming for S1 or G3 next season)
    No donations
    minimal requirements
    Line is mandatory
    We respect and understand life events are important

    My alliance is a fun group of guys who love to joke around and get along with everyone. We can be serious when needed.

    If that interests you please add me on line “Evolover95” and we can talk further details
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