20mil+, Platinum3, top150 AQ alliance looking for one killer :)

Hey guys,

Looking for one (can be mid or after this AQ series).

We don't ask for much :) but here is what's needed:
- 3x 5/65 or hell close to 3rd
- Act5 explored
- At least one LOL path done
- You can clear AW paths with minimum deaths (0-1)
- you are active enough to keep up with other parts of the game.
- Map6 and Expert map expirienced players have the advantage

What you get here is safe Platinum3, top 150 AQ (top90 when map7 comes), 100% all milestones in all 3-day events and on top of all fun, no stress, no dramas. At the end of the day it's just a game.

For more info hit me on Line and let's see if we can match, Line ID is venom787


PS. Please let's not waste your and my time if you don't meet requirements above.


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