Duel Update Suggestion

With duel skirmish no longer a thing and profile pictures making it so hard to find a duel target, I think Kabam should implement something like this into the game. Think of it as like a training ground. You would still need your tokens and if Kabam really wanted to capitalize on it, they could add duel tokens to the store just like other resources. I made the suggestion that current month champions aren’t available for Duels to make the current EQ still a challenge.




  • imaginejimimaginejim Posts: 143
    If you select them as AWAKENED, then based on the Tier of the champion, you can adjust the sig ability count.

    This, of course, would not take masteries into account, but that’s ok. These would be base heroes without mastery or synergy boosts.
  • I actually really like this idea. The system seems especially solid. I feel the same way about duels and profile pictures too. Couldn't find a duped 5 /65 Emma Frost the other day. Just a quick suggestion: the Champion should be maxed out for each tier selected, meaning 5*s would be 5/65, 4*s would be 5/50, etc. Same goes for signature abilities.
  • Something like this has been suggested numerous times. Most of us even suggested bejng able to add nodes to fights.
  • imaginejimimaginejim Posts: 143
    @Kabam Miike , is this something you all are thinking about doing? A refresh to the Duels and perhaps making a training ground?
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 260
    Would be great if you could click on any node on any map (quest, AQ, AW) even when not traveled up to that node yet, and click “DUEL AS SHOWN”.
    Of course, we all know that will never happen, haha.
    But some sort of Duel Selection would be a good idea, even if the only choices are of different ratings and Dup status.
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