14M+ ally LF4 motivated 5x5 Gold 2 player w/ LINE, 5k+ prestige, good COMs, for G1 push

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Horsemen Of The Apocalypse [T4H-A]

We are a stable, well organized, team focused, 3+ year old, 14m+ Alliance looking for:

1x motivated teamplayer who can handle 5x5 and Gold 1 w/ LINE. AQ/AW path clearer is a must (we do 3x 100%). USA time zones and 5k prestige preferred.

We are currently AW Gold2 and playing 55544 AQ. Donations are fair 1/30 or 110k gold, 12.5k bc, 9k loyalty.

Our goal is to maintain a good group of independent fun people w/o drama, stay competitive but no grind requirements and short term flexibility if real life gets in the way. We do this with an experieced officers team and active management of Alliance goals and difficulty to make sure we grow as a team w/o stress.

Pm me w/ your top 11 if your interested.
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